Good Answers

These are what I thought were good answers to the application.

What is your political affiliation?
What issues have you participated in?
What is your opinion about the free market?

 My opinion is you are a lost soul and if you continue this path God will route his vengeance on you AMEN. With Jesus Christ is eternal life. This Amalek person is lost in the sins and evils of this world. We follow God’s Commandments—and we read the Bible. I pray no one gets fooled by this evil false prophet amalek who works for the evil one. Disguising himself as an angel of light very poorly. Amalek- you are lost. You will go to hell as sure as the sun shines if you don’t stop this foolishness and REPENT your sins and ask for FORGIVENESS from Jesus Christ our Lord. I urge you to do this for the sake of your soul, because the fires in hell do not go out. They never stop. Please do not continue to lead anyone astray you are lost enough. I urge you to seek repentance from Jesus Christ who died for you. In order for you to have the chance to go to heaven. If you continue to lead people astray you’re only damning yourself. The Bible speaks harshly about false prophets. Consider yourself warned and please read the Bible

Do you have a physical illness or disability?
Do you have a mental illness?

PTSD, but who doesn’t

Are you willing to share a room with others? Do you have any habits that others may find annoying (such as snoring)?
What skills can you bring to the community?

Working together, ask me I can do it.

I can speak publicly, can be a leader, have a positive mentality, I am a great writer and am good on the computer.

Are you willing to volunteer to help such as with cooking and cleaning?
If you baked a cake and you came back later and saw that someone ate half, what would you do?

I would be glad that they had the desire to eat it and hope it taste good.

What is your favorite bible story and why?

Right now I am in the process of reading revelations but Exodus is what I am enjoying now.

The story of the women who’s sins were forgiven. Even though she was a sinner, and so were the men there. She showed Jesus,love, hospitality and Faith by asking for forgiveness and received it. The men tried to downtalk her but God is good and just. His righteousness is good and he is quick to forgive one who truly loves him.


Beware False Prophets

Beware haughty and contemptuous false prophets who insult and berate when you question their doctrines. These are emails from someone who wants to keep you out of paradise:

“And there will be no more death.”

Only The Eternal LORD ALMIGHTY- Alone- Started the Party since before Adam. And so obviously by process of deduction, ONLY The Eternal LORD ALMIGHTY- Alone- Does The Entire Judgment/Resurrection- The Whole Tamale- ALONE!-


Exactly because from that encroaching Hour onward, all will know beyond any doubt that with the same effect of gravity, reality, there somehow really must be a Living Eternal Almighty Creator that’s been running things daily since before the cognisant capacity for recorded human history.

It’s virtually a no brainer to figure out the glaringly obvious, dude.


Point is IT’s automatically going to be coming soon to a Theatre of Operations near you anyway.

It isn’t exactly Sophisticated Rocket Science to figure out the thoroughly grounded and glaringly obvious, boss!

Reality, like New Math and Science, isn’t any such religion one can afford to chose to believe in or not, Chief.


My reward, a sufficient degree of, “Paradise” is already with me.

Good luck…

Reference original email message at top of the page, Einstein.

Paradise requires no such crowd.

Who died and made you boss of Paradise, of The Judgment???


Ref: Isaiah 34 and 35

The Almighty, All Alone, will suddenly provide for an immediate model Eternal Paradise, of a scope and scale you can scarcely dream of.

Note how he claims to be enjoying paradise and then says we can scarcely imagine it. Which is it?

Basically he wants you to think that Jesus will just come and rescue you and you don’t have to do anything. Thus he feels very threatened by this web site, because it says that we must prepare the way for the messiah.

What would be his motivation? Probably because he feels he’s already living in paradise and doesn’t want to share. It’s very selfish.