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Depression is one of the biggest challenges of any person in this world. Any one will get depressed irrespective of their position in this world. There are situation in this life that we need to come across and many a times we fail to overcome such situations, due to which we get depressed. Depression can be due to a loss of person close to our heart or loss in a business or failure in examinations or unemployment, etc.., There are huge number of reasons in life for us to get depressed. But depression is always an enemy for faith. A beliver should never worry for the things in this world “for the Joy of the LORD is your strength” Neh 8:10 “Rejoice in the Lord always” Php 4:4. Let us now medidate upon the life of some of God's People and understand how to handle this Depression.

When we read the story of Hannah we can understand that she was in a great depression due to her infertility. But from her life story we can understand that she was a women of great faith. Although she was having depression the very first step she did was she got up (1 Sam 1:9) and went to the prescence of the Lord then the very second thing was she poured out her feelings. You can read this from 1 Samuel 1:10,15. The third thing she did was Prayer (1 Sam 1:12). The Fourth was she made a vow to the Lord( 1 Sam 1:11). Finally the most important thing is, “Her face was no longer sad” 1 Sam 1:18. She did not go about telling her story to every one she saw in the temple but she poured out her haart to the Lord and after she made a vow and submitted her request to the Lord she was no longer Sad. What had happened in the end “in due time she concieved and bore a son” 1 Sam 1:20. So from the experience of Hannah we clearly understand that our best medicine for depression is to run into the Prescence of Lord and pouring out our heart and take peace from him. Jesus told that he had left his peace within us. So we need to hold on to that peace and be happy after our requests are made known to God.

Samuel was the last leader to lead the people of Israel after which the kingship for Israel had started. But the first attempt of Samuel appointing a king was utter failure. God regretted but Samuel grieved (a one more step of feeling bad) for selecting Saul as the first King of Israel (1 Sam 15: 35). So Samuel entered into depression because of the mission God gave to him in appointing a king for Israel was a great flop. Now we can see the question from God to Samuel “How long will you grieve over Saul, since I have rejected him from being king over Israel? “ 1 Samuel 16:1. So God wants to forgot the past and move on with the mission. Many a times in our life we also face this kind of utter failure it might me a new business or a new project or a plan for our life whatever it might be , Our God is with us to understand our pain but only thing is we should not sustain it. We should stop feeling and move on to the next initiative that God shows. “Fill your horn with oil, and go”(1 Sam 16:1) God now encourages Samuel to do the same job what he did in 1 Sam 10:1. Sometimes these kind of failures in our life are a good indication for a bright future that is on the way nearing to us. So stop worrying for your failures move on and do what God wants us to do. Our christian life should always have a resume button it should not stop. What had happened in the life of Samuel ? He gave the most important king in the history of Israel. “David” in whose lineage Jesus Christ was Born to Save the whole World. So Stop worrying. Move forward.

David was a most powerfull person in the kingdom of Israel. He was called the dearest of God. David was very much interested in doing the will of God “I desire to do your will, my God” Psa 40:8. There might be some difficult times in which we might stumble to do the will of God. Even during our difficult time and when we are under depression we should not fail to do the will of God. It might be difficult to overcome the depression to do the will of God but we need to do that in order to give way to the Lord in our lives. Even in David life we can see this. There are 2 incidents that we can observe to understand how he changed his depressed mood for doing the will of God. In 2 Sam 12:20 David hears that his son is dead and he very well knew that finally it was the will of God so he rose, got cleansed and he gave thanks to God then went on his business. This is what that attitude should be to overcome depression. David was in depression if we could read the verses before 2 Sam 12:20 but he changed his mind and heart to serve the God in order to do God's will. See his answer to his servants. “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept, for I said, ‘Who knows whether the Lord will be gracious to me, that the child may live?” 2 Sam 12:22 David had a hope that God would change his will. We should also pray or fast to know the will of God but once when we know that we cannot change the will of God then we should humbly accept God's will in our lives.
The second incident is found in 2 Sam 19:2 “The king is grieving for his son(Absolam).” Absolam the son of David rose against him and waged war against all his men. The troop of David killed Absolam and there was a spirit of victory among David's men but David grieved for his Son's Death. Now after knewing that it is the will of God he returned back to his position 2 Sam 19:8
So even during our depression we should not fail to accept the will of God and move forward though it might taste sour to you but it is for your welfare that God is admitting certain things in our lives.

Elijah one among the mightest prophets of Israel. He proved that Yaheweh is God to the people who where following false gods. He did many astonishing miracles to Show that Yahewah is the Living God but this prophet underwent depression when a women named Jezebal was planning to kill him (1 Kings 19:3) what a sad story. But this might happen to anybody. Fear of men is one important factor that might lead to depression. We might have fear for some men in our life. It might be a Supervisor in your Job, A political leader or a man with great power and might or it might be anybody. But dont forget we believe and follow a person far more greater than any body in this world. Jesus Christ our Leader is greater that anybody else in this world they might threaten us but they dont have hold on us. We are slaves for christ and we believe in him so he will never leave us orphans in this world. He is there ready to help us always. Also Elijah is depressed because of loneliness 1 Kings 19:10,14 again and again he says I am alone, but in vs 18 God says there are 7000 men like him in Israel to fight for God. We are not alone in this fight within this world. We should get reminded about the Prayer of Jesus in John 17:15 “Keep them(followers)from the evil one(satan)”. So we are not alone in this world we have a numerous children of God who are undergoing this kind of fear for men. So these kind of depression should be overcome with our faith within us. Even if you read 1 Kings 19 God did send help to Elijah through his Angels and gave him some special food to run. As spiritual people we do need such food from God ie his words to encourage us in this good fight.

As we have come across the life stories of some of the great men of God we should strengthen ourselves and follow these examples to get rid of depression. “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” Php 4:4