These are the house rules and policies.

  • Residents maintain quiet at all times except for low volume in common rooms.
  • Residents maintain a neat and clean environment in their room and in the house.
  • Residents should contribute to house chores such as cooking or cleaning.
  • Monthly $200 stipend.
  • Shared car for short trips for licensed residents.
  • Weekly scheduled house inspections.
  • Guests welcome during visiting hours and must be approved by the community in advance.
  • There is a small fund for tele-health doctor visits and prescriptions. Medical issues using this fund must be discussed openly with the community.
  • You may obtain your own public or private insurance.
  • Excess weight gain and obesity prohibited.
  • Valuables may be stored in a safe or locker but otherwise should not be kept on site.
  • Weekly bible study requiring a few hours of preparation and homework.
  • You’ll participate in online activism in support of specific candidates and issues.
  • Residents can be evicted for not following these rules or for other violations as determined by the community.

In just a little while, the wicked will be no more;
  though you look carefully at his place, he will not be there.
But the meek shall inherit the land
  and delight themselves in abundant peace.

Psalm 37:10

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Hi, I am interested in living in accordance with the gospel and it sounds like I have found some fellow worshippers who share a love for the teachings of Christ. How might I find more imformation please?

You can vote for whoever you want. But you must advocate for capitalism not socialism. You must fight social security and medicare – trust the community to help you when you need it. And yes you must debunk Mental Illness as a satanic religion.

Is this like a Christian Sober Living community? Or is it just for people who want to get away? What is this groups purpose?

Just wondering what is the basis of your teachings…..Christian can mean I was born in a Christian Country, so that makes me a Christian….there many denominations…Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, the list goes on and on….what do you espouse too?

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