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You shall have the same rule for the sojourner and for the native, for I am the Lord your God.

Leviticus 24:22

Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

Leviticus 25:10

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What does your freedom of religion mean? If we can’t believe in our “Religion” as freedom of religion, what is your terms for this?

Good luck with your dream. I see you being attacked by many and think it’s terrible the interest these demons have taken with you. May God protect you and everyone with love eternally.

Live for free or pay $200? Which one is it? The headline alone is false, so is Amalek. Not s Christian, but a wolf dressed as a sheep. This site is a hoax, and for entertainment (???) or good laughs only.
You are Satanic, attempting to collect people. No-one is stupid enough to fall for anything you are “offering”.
Awful site by the way, horrible graphics, and shitty ideas. Is this a high school project?
What were you in when you “thought” of this?
Lol!! Other than your mother, who supports you? Lol…loser!

I feel so sorry for any person who may fall for this ignorance! Please Lord bring healing, truth, and strength to any victim that may fall for this, please let them see a way out, and let them find Jesus!

Sorry but you cannot enter paradise if you disagree with any of these issues. That’s fine – you can keep toiling. Hopefully a robot won’t take your job and leave you starving in the street.

You can shove your paradise up your idiotic ass! Is this how you get attention and get to “socialize”??? Lol, you’re a joke

I do not want to enter into your Paradise. I am a child of God I was made an adopted child of God by the grace of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior who died and shed his innocent Blood on the cross that I may have eternal life with him if believe he died for me and his blood cleanse me of my sins. Millennium Earth where we going to live for a thousand years it’s not Paradise. Paradise comes down and that is where we will live on the new Earth and the new heaven. May God find mercy upon you as a matter fact you need to cry out to Jesus now for mercy that’s the only way you going to be saved by the blood of Jesus and no other way because Jesus is the truth the life and the way.

Oddly these people commenting are not fully grasping the statement this page works. Ill have to investigate more to see if im a fit. I doubt i will be as usually i don’t sync but. I definitely see the appeal of a smaller utopian group. Dont let them ruffle you. For if your doing the work you believe in than you are more closely related to godliness than any of these sheeple could realistically comprehend.

Doing the work? Of whom? God gave us freedom of will, yet this piece of shit has rules like HE is God.
Lol, you are as stupid and blind as anyone that even considers this to be real for one second. Give me a break!

Do you guys support Trump and all his lies? Because if you do, you absolutely can’t call yourselves Christians. Trump is everything Christ isn’t. Jesus Christ was about love not hate.

You are just creating another government by demanding and enforcing rules of inclusion. By the sound of it not a democratic one but one with unelected rule makers in charge. There’s a bit of irony in all that.

Nope. There is no government. If you embrace the rules of the resort then there is no need for enforcement.

The whole point of the Judeo-Christian tradition is that we can agree to the laws and follow them and thereby obviate government. Get it now?

I’ve been a Christian for 40 years. And your statement of faith isn’t Christianity because the fall outside of the pale of orthodoxy. You not only do you know the resurrection, which is an essential doctrine of the Christian church, you as well promote drug use. Yeah you can call yourself the first church of the polkadotted kangaroo, I don’t care. You are free to do that. However to call yourself a Christian you have to adhere to Christian doctrine. And you do not do that. Therefore you fall under the category of a cult. Therefore warning anyone who is tempted to join this commune, by the way that’s where we get the word communism from. These groups are harmful, abusive and controlling. Very dangerous. Insert for the love of God please stay away from.

In paradise where are you now bro??? Hell…in Buddhism heaven or hell is a mind set..if you wish for paradise you only have to open your eyes…and in lamentations 3 chapter it talks about being persecuted by god even basically malled by god like a lion or a bear.. But by verse 64-66 he is saying he wants god to curse them…but isn’t he also them… i mean when there is a body of people we describe them as one like that chick AMERICA or that dude ADAM or that lady EVE…love is the only path to salvation for god is LOVE 1john 4:8…people often refer to themselves as the body of christ or jewish or muslim but they have no love or mercy in there hearts they only have pride and god goes about the world attacking his people like a lion or a bear..

You need to go back and read your bible. God was not always the lovey dovey frills people think he was. God was fierce and many times he told his people to fight. Even told them to kill everyone, including the women and babies to stop the lineage of that evil. 1 Samuel 15:3. Geez people, take time to read your bible and really get to know this God of ours.

Please repent and believe on jesus, seek is spirit, get baptized, and developed a relationship with. Tell people about him, and you will be ready to go back with him. This is for whoever do not know him in the pardon of their sin. He died for the whole world and rose again because he love us and don’t want us to go to hell, and he is coming back. By brenda

Some of you claim what is right is evil, and what is evil is right. This is a mockery to the truth. Anyone with discernment can easily see that people like Biden and other political leaders are not of God. Those who support abortion are like the same people before and after Christ who sacrificed their children to pagan gods. Modern times are no different. History always repeats itself.

Definately NOT on you either! You call yourself a Christian but have zero tact or kidness.
How can you call “resort” to something that only exists in your lunatic mind? Lol, there is no location! Lol…
This is definately a false page, with the intention to hopefully get $200 from an idiot.

Come on people….. You read the words but do you understand any of them before you let an idea jump into your head? Several of those issues are contradicting to others. You cannot come into the Kingdom that is to come if you are not willing to do as the king says. You are supposed to appose things that are not from everyone, otherwise you believe you are entitled social security was not built up by all the people who take from it. Just accept that it is , don’t feel entitled to it and move on. The resurrection of the dead is a metaphor, and by deffinition you are considers dead if you are absent this life so there is no “eternal” life but rather your spirit and the memories will be a part of the whole and exist forever. Your spirit will live on as long as you it is spoken of and remembered. That is every aspect. If you were a tyrant you will Always be one. And I’m not being mean, I have been skinny , got fat and become skinny again. Obesity is not having a little extra cushion, obesity is the over consumption of just about everything because one does not respect themselves or pay attention to what they are doing to themselves. Don’t be a gluten is what was being said.

I would apply but don’t know that the rest of the community would allow me to stick around very long because I’m blunt and I speak the truth instead of making things what they are not.

I find it rather funny that people are condemned for receiving their social security when it’s a priviledge we paid dearly for. It is insurance to ensure you some since of livelyhood when people don’ttvexcept you to work because of your age. But the skills we have developed in time have exceeded any knowledge a young person has. This also includes scripture and the wisdom of God. To say there is no life after this physical body perishes is indifferent to what the Bible says. Thereby saying Jesus Christ gave his life for nothing. If that’s the case every man should rape and pilege because all the consequences would then be ultimately death. Outside of Jesus Christ you will surely die. Cast into the lake of fire for eternity where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. If you through out any part of scripture you may as well throw it all out. I’m not going to join a group home that teaches false doctrine.!neither do I join churches that do. Whoever made those laws outside of Gods teachings is guilty of a great sin.

I find it rather funny that you advocate putting the country trillions deeper in debt to fund your retirement and golfing while accusing others of ‘great sin’.

Remove the mote from your own eye first, bro.

If no Eternal Life, what of Christ’s
Death on the Cross to Save Us?
Is it like an “Atheistic Church”? Why the Bible verses then?

YOU can CREATE eternal life? Tell me genious how to CREATE this. Last I checked there is only 1 creator.
You are an abomination. Most likely sitting behind your pc, a former fat ass who has PTSD and hated his reflection, so getting “fat” in paradise is prohibited (where the fuck the Bible says anything about weight…) because it is a reminder of what you hate; yourself.

How about:
Money from the government
Food from the government
Clothes from the government
Housing from the government
Health care from the government
Education from the government
The military is the biggest socialist organization in the entire world
That’s why we have so much debt

“No resurrection of the dead or eternal life, other than what we create”

Lmao this fool thinks he’s being edgy with this one. I bet you think you’re so cool with this website. Fuck off mate

Wow!!! First it says nothing in the Bible about if you want SS you’re not going in the rapture.
Second, Jesus does promise eternal life with Him…..
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
Romans 6:23
“ For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Third, We know that one of the consequences of the fall is the corruption of God’s good and perfect creation of our bodies (2 Cor. 4:16; 1 Cor. 15:42; Psa. 73:26; Isa. 40:30). Our earthly lives are limited, and eventually, our bodies will fail us. This also applies to our minds. Throughout Scripture, we see biblical figures such as David (Psa. 38:4), Job (Job 3:26), Elijah (1 Kings 19:4), and Jonah (Jonah 4:3) dealing with deep feelings of despair, anger, depression, and loneliness. While some of these things can be attributed to spiritual warfare, it can be of a physical nature. Since we know that our bodies are prone to go awry at times, it’s possible that what we are experiencing is related to chemical imbalances or other things happening within our brains. If this is the case, Jesus gives an example of how we should care for one’s physical needs in the parable of the Good Samaritan. When the Samaritan comes across the badly injured man on the side of the road, he takes him to be bandaged and cared for until he recovers (Luke 10:34). Other places throughout Scripture show God’s people using elements from the earth such as leaves and figs to assist in the healing process from physical ailments (Ezk. 47:12; 1 Tim. 5:23; Isa. 38:21). Taking medication in the midst of mental illness doesn’t show a lack of faith in the ability of the Lord to sustain us through the suffering. Rather, it may allow some to experience God with more clarity. Sin can also create in us some cases, our depression, anxiety, or any other thing that we would consider to be mental illness may have a connection to our disobedience and sin toward God. While we know that those who have placed their trust in Christ have freedom from condemnation for their sins (Rom. 8:1), we may experience its earthly consequences. When we are confronted with the brokenness of ourselves and our sin, the conviction may be overwhelming and give us feelings of grief and despair. We see this take place when David is confronted with his affair with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband (Psa. 51; 1 Kings 12). We also see characters where their mental state is somehow connected to their spiritual state (Dan. 4:28-33; 1 Sam. 16:14) Lastly, there are numerous accounts where the spiritual and physical seem to be connected, such as the account of Legion in the New Testament (Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-39). From these examples, the hope we have in the midst of mental suffering is that the Lord knows, hears, can heal, and is always ready to forgive our sins when we come to him (1 John 1:9).

But regardless Jesus loves us!!! When we sin He loves us, there are definitely consequences to our sin, but He still loves us.
What is constant throughout Scripture is that God provides comfort to the suffering and meets the needs of the brokenhearted (Psa. 34:18, Psa. 145:18). His Word promises that those who are in the midst of suffering, whether experiencing death or depression, have the hope that everything is working together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose (Rom. 8:28). It is outside of God’s character to senselessly torment those he loves (Lam. 3:31-33). We know that the trials that we are experiencing on this earth, while difficult and uncomfortable, are for the testing of our faith (James 1:2), to produce endurance and character (Rom. 5:3-5), and are never without purpose.
None of us are experts Mental illness can affect any of us. Whether a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or faithful churchgoer, the suspected struggle of mental illness should not be a source of shame or be kept hidden. The Church should be a place of safety and community, where those who are struggling can be honest, ask people to rally around them in prayer, and be assisted in seeking professional help. When we encounter people who suffer with mental illness, we should be hesitant to provide our opinion on what the source is or how it should be solved. This issue and human beings are complex. Heath Lambert said it best: “Caring for people means being alert to physical problems that require medical treatments and spiritual problems that require Christ and his Word.”

I would warn you, Amalek, that leading people astray and away from God’s Word is something you will be held accountable to God for. And what of those who preach deceptive and destructive doctrines of carnal prosperity, appealing to greed and motivated by greed, manipulating the gullible flock to their personal financial gain? What does God say to them?

In the words of Peter, “They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children!” (2 Peter 2:14)

Perhaps many of our contemporary leaders have not fallen this far, but to the extent we are leading God’s people away from purity and truth by our example and our teaching, we are in serious danger.

I encourage anyone who is reading this who maybe thinking of joining to read the Word of God and study whether what this leader is saying is the truth. And to the sheep who are being misled, I urge you in the fear of the Lord: Run for your lives and get into a place of health and safety. There are plenty of godly leaders who will help you, not harm you.

Lol! So people can be high as fuck in your paradise? Just like you were when came up with this crappy site?! Cool!!
Cause the only way to be on living with strangers in small rooms who can’t get fat, etc. Yes to acid!

AMEN. With Jesus Christ is eternal life. This Amalek person is lost in the sins and evils of this world. We follow God’s Commandments—and we read the Bible. I pray no one gets fooled by this evil false prophet amalek who works for the evil one. Disguising himself as an angel of light very poorly. Amalek- you are lost. You will go to hell as sure as the sun shines if you don’t stop this foolishness and REPENT your sins and ask for FORGIVENESS from Jesus Christ our Lord. I urge you to do this for the sake of your soul, because the fires in hell do not go out. They never stop. Please do not continue to lead anyone astray you are lost enough. I urge you to seek repentance from Jesus Christ who died for you. In order for you to have the chance to go to heaven. If you continue to lead people astray you’re only damning yourself. The Bible speaks harshly about false prophets. Consider yourself warned and please read the Bible

I’ve shown you the ‘narrow gate’ to paradise. You are welcome to ignore it and continue wallowing in your hell. But consider yourself warned.

Yep! Use Hero*n responsibly? Recreational f*ntan*l?
I think thou must be under the influence to think people will fall for this. Well I guess some people voted for Trump…..millions to chose from!

Social Security is not an entitlement. It is a paid into benefit. You have got to be kidding me!

The country is $26 trillion in debt caused mostly by social security and medicare. We can’t afford it any more. The elderly are selling their own grandkids into slavery to fund their retirement. It’s an abomination.

You want SS? That’s ok, you’re not ready for the rapture. Keep toiling.

What did you do to make your kids hate you and refuse to care for you? Did you insult them like you’re doing to me? This is why we must abolish these programs.

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