Cowardly Excuses

If libertarians fought with the same persistence that they make cowardly excuses for running away, they could actually win. Here’s a sample of their excuses:

  • I can’t fight because they’ll censor me.
  • I can’t fight because they’ll target my business with fines. [So fight anonymously!]
  • No point in fighting because socialists are impervious to reason.
  • I fought – I went to a protest and yelled slogans into my friends’ ears.
  • I fought – I stormed the capitol under cover of a rampaging mob.

In fact the war today isn’t in the street or on the steps of the capitol but in social media. However libertarians are terrified of getting insulted so they refuse to fight.

We must abolish the minimum wage
We must abolish social security
Preaching the gospel is a good thing
Holocaust museums don’t prevent genocides – but cause them
End the ineffective and destructive lockdowns

So what should you do? Get on social media and fight! Follow me on Twitter and follow my follows.


Good Answers

These are what I thought were good answers to the application.


Beware False Prophets

Beware haughty and contemptuous false prophets who insult and berate when you question their doctrines. These are emails from someone who wants to keep you out of paradise:



This was an idea that I’ve had for over a year now, and I first wrote about here on my blog. (Note: that post is somewhat humorous and sarcastic, so don’t get confused or offended.) And I thought someone else would do something, but no one did, so I realized that I have to do it myself. I’m looking for like minded people who want to live in fellowship as described in the gospels: