Beware False Prophets

Beware haughty and contemptuous false prophets who insult and berate when you question their doctrines. These are emails from someone who wants to keep you out of paradise:

“And there will be no more death.”

Only The Eternal LORD ALMIGHTY- Alone- Started the Party since before Adam. And so obviously by process of deduction, ONLY The Eternal LORD ALMIGHTY- Alone- Does The Entire Judgment/Resurrection- The Whole Tamale- ALONE!-


Exactly because from that encroaching Hour onward, all will know beyond any doubt that with the same effect of gravity, reality, there somehow really must be a Living Eternal Almighty Creator that’s been running things daily since before the cognisant capacity for recorded human history.

It’s virtually a no brainer to figure out the glaringly obvious, dude.


Point is IT’s automatically going to be coming soon to a Theatre of Operations near you anyway.

It isn’t exactly Sophisticated Rocket Science to figure out the thoroughly grounded and glaringly obvious, boss!

Reality, like New Math and Science, isn’t any such religion one can afford to chose to believe in or not, Chief.


My reward, a sufficient degree of, “Paradise” is already with me.

Good luck…

Reference original email message at top of the page, Einstein.

Paradise requires no such crowd.

Who died and made you boss of Paradise, of The Judgment???


Ref: Isaiah 34 and 35

The Almighty, All Alone, will suddenly provide for an immediate model Eternal Paradise, of a scope and scale you can scarcely dream of.

Note how he claims to be enjoying paradise and then says we can scarcely imagine it. Which is it?

Basically he wants you to think that Jesus will just come and rescue you and you don’t have to do anything. Thus he feels very threatened by this web site, because it says that we must prepare the way for the messiah.

What would be his motivation? Probably because he feels he’s already living in paradise and doesn’t want to share. It’s very selfish.


34 replies on “Beware False Prophets”

“They make their tongue sharp as a serpent’s,
and under their lips is the venom of asps.”
Psalm 140:3

They abuse and imprecate relentlessly:

The Almighty, Alone!

Not any such first heaven Christ/Messiah.

While we take great delight in your thorough destruction.

No more marriage, markets, $$$ or anything else you can currently relate to that sounds anything like Paradise to you or most.

Best read the scriptures again and see if you can figure out your head from your already over-spent a$$.


I carry Divine Liscence to help execute Judgment upon you, among a small Army likewise called and raised directly at the Hand of The Almighty around Y2K off the mainstream radar screen.

We represent the real deal, the genuine article.

But you’re more than welcome to roll those confident eyes again while you can still manage it, boss.

False prophet?
News Flash!:
I’m not a prophet, or any such first heaven nonsense.

I carry Divine Liscence to help execute Judgment upon you, among a small Army likewise called and raised directly at the Hand of The Almighty around Y2K off the mainstream radar screen.

Who are the false ones?
Any who subtly or otherwise seek an audience, a gathering.

Any who seek a hearing, attention, enjoining group obedience to any singular dictation.

Any who need to so, ‘sell it’ it some form.

A burden.
A strain.
Misdirection of objective.

But my reward, all I seek or need to justify is already with me.
And there are none to be so saved in the course of The Judgment.

Let’s Recap!

What can it possibly all mean?

Well, why don’t you just watch then and find out for yourselves.

False prophet.-?

Re: Who are the false ones?

You forgot to answer the binding relevant question.

Who’s this, “We” or US you’re naively referring to?

You’re all backwards.
Got the Creation before The Creator.

This is why you sinning juvenile delinquint first heaven clowns will all pass away accordingly.

You are great with the relentless insults, vitriol and name calling.  But you violate Jesus’ command:

But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insultsd his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire. – Matthew 5:22




Yes we are living in paradise.  Walmart has the garden of eden in it and more.  Just look around you.  If you are not living in heaven then you are in hell.  And you want everyone else to join you.

Point Blank!

I represent the righteous chosen elect.

And you do not.


Only Time Will Tell

You think you’re a prophet? You represent the people Jesus warned us about:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.” – Matthew 7:15

What are your fruits? You offer nothing but vitriol and empty promises.

The True Kingdom, True Paradise!

From The Apocalypse of Peter:

“…But the residue which have cared for justice and good deeds, yea, and godliness and righteous thoughts, shall angels bear up and carry through the flaming river unto light, and life without care, where is the immortal path of the great God; and three fountains, of wine and honey and milk. And the earth, common to all, not parted out with walls or fences, shall then bring forth of her own accord much fruit, and life and wealth shall be common and undistributed. For there shall be no poor man, nor rich, nor tyrant, nor slave, none great nor small any longer, no kings, no princes; but all men shall be together in common. And no more shall any man say ‘ night is come ‘, nor ‘ the morrow ‘, nor ‘ it was yesterday ‘. He maketh no more of days, nor of spring, nor winter, nor summer, nor autumn, neither marriage,nor death, nor selling, nor buying, nor set of sun, nor rising. For God shall make one long day….”

So, you and/or some gathered human beings are going to build it, are you?

Yes of course. And more than wine, honey and milk, there will also be chocolate and cheeseburgers. And if you repent of your sin and pride you are welcome to join us.

The Judgment Stands!

You’re naught but spent first heaven bull$hit!

Time is on my side, not yours.

The judgment is nigh my friend. I hope you’ll repent of your insults and profanity and join us in righteousness.

Court is now in session.

• What is the applied functional human purpose of and about the term, “Truth” or to be factually accurate and more importantly, why???

• What is the applied functional human purpose of and about the term, “Lie” or to intentionally mislead or deceive and more importantly, why???

Xtra Credit: Who’s supposed to be, “We”, who has authority to make such a determination accordingly and more importantly, why???

Or is all that just too far over your head to get a clue?

Why do you feel so intimidated and threatened? You have only to repent and you can join us in paradise.

Somebody’s gonna’ be wishin’ they’d never been born

Gee, I wonder who…

Not me. You? Don’t worry – you can just repent and you’ll be saved. Please keep up this correspondence. There is always hope.


I was already directly visited by The Almighty in late 1999.

So if there was some issue about me befitting your suggestions, I’d already have faced consequences accordingly.
Or The Almighty wouldn’t have called and raised me in The Rapture to begin with.

But you’re more than welcome to continue insisting I’m whatever else you’ve convinced yourself I am.

But you’re not a prophet?

And the rapture has begun? And you’re in it?

“I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” – Matthew 12:36

That’s not responding

That’s posting on your own blog.

You’re not capable of responding adequately, so you have to try and call for backup.

The Whole Truth is coming for you.
And I could care less if you respond or not or whatever.

Everyone can see that you are a false prophet-in-denial. Your scam is exposed. You’re not fooling anyone, and no one will try the same trick seeing what will happen to them.

Why The Judgment Stands against you

Precisely because you stake direct claim to a position that doesn’t so belong to you as you stipulate.

The Kingdom of God and Paradise are not yours to so dictate to others by any reasonably justified measure.

You csn luve there, but you don’t so own and dictate Paradise to anyone else.

Guilty as charged!

“Behold, I come as a thief.”

“Unless The LORD builds the house, it will not stand.”

Of course we can build a house, like we built Temples in the past. We must pave the way for paradise. You know it, which is why you are so angry with me. You are trying to stave off the day of judgment. You will fail. When the messiah arrives you will be caught with your pants down.

Rmaining Focused

I’m not off in your face to sell, or so convince you of anything you naively expect.

But to pass righteous Judgment upon you at The LORD’s command.

And I/we will win.
And you will lose embarassingly.

Third in The Zodiac
Gemini, over and out.

You are just a false prophet. You want to prevent paradise and stave off the great day of judgment. But it is happening, like it or not.

Got Brain?


“And [Our] justice shall be a light unto the nations”-!!!

Monday Monday
The Mamas & The Papas

“…Say when…”
Doc Holiday to Johnny Ringo at The Old Oak

You don’t know justice. You only know abuse, vulgarity and vitriol.

Go Tell, ‘IT’ To The Judge!



You think you can stave off the day of judgment forever. But people can see how desperate you are. Your tricks are failing.

Yer’ Done!


You’re obsessed with my web site because you know I’m right.

Lock & Load!

(By the time you can download a brain cell, we done already blown a hole so big you’ll be deficatin’ out yer’ mouth)

III Corps Field Artillery
Fort Sill, Ok. (’75 – 78′)

• Training Aids Graphics Admin., Martin Marietta/Corps of Engineers liaison., White Sands Test Facility (Pershing II)

• Color Guard Staff
(that’s me on the left)


4 The Road

• There will be no more marriage/family model ever again.

• There will be no more free markets, economics, Fiat, Gold, Crypto nor rare Seashells.

• There will be no more nations, armies nor sovereignty/institutional context.

And like anyone else, you’ll certainly be humiliated in attempting to organize or orchestrate your own ideologies thereof.


Yes but in order to get to paradise we must start creating it. Otherwise the messiah will be aghast when he arrives.


It all means likewise there will be no more such thing as leadership, nor whole scope about any organized effort such as you’re blindly Hell bent on doing something about.

But you’re more than welcome to Trump-up and knock yourself out of the Ball Park.

“Come out of her, oh my people…” Means precisely what it says for a very good reason.

But just reach over and hit the $NOOZE button again, boss.


Grand Illusion
Paradise Theatre

Of course, the purpose of Jesus’ message is for us to prepare for his return. That’s what I’m doing. What are you doing?

In Days To Come You Will Understand It Perfectly!

“Am I only a God at hand and not a God afar?”

“Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?”

“Do I not [already] fill all of heaven and earth?”

In Honor of Jeremiah

Yes and according to the parable of the talents, we must invest. Are you investing or are you burying your treasure under ground?

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules. – Ezekiel 36:26

Suddenly, unexpectedly, in real time.

Enoch I, Isaiah 24, 34, 35 and Rev. 18 sufficiently spells out the whole lot on the immediate horizon.

First heaven faith/belief is no longer operably relevant.

“Behold, I come as a thief.”

“And so when you see the abomination

See, you and the vast majority worldwide unwittingly, unknowingly seek the Lord in vain.
The Creation believes it needs to find and make way for The Creator??? “Hellooooo?-!”

Either The Almighty, The Father, “I AM, THAT I AM” already Knew/Knows The End before The Beginning, before Adam sinned to begin with, or not- PERIOD!!!

Can’t make God angry, when God Created the capacity and very fact anyone’s angry or frustrated to begin with.

Who Created Who???-???-???
Awaken, and live eternally!

You don’t come to THE LORD, THE LORD ALONE, comes to you!

Think Psychological Supernovae 10X, just to get an idea of the Power of Awakened Revelation, boss!

Think you believe in The Eternal Living God Almighty now?
Man, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

“And so when you see the abomination that causes desolation standing where it ought not, …

The New World
The Great Melting Pot
We The People living in the land of the free and home of the brave, with liberty and justice for all.
The first/last nation on earth established upon daily operating principles most akin to that portrayed by The Holy of Holies.

(They don’t call this ‘ere, “God’s Country” fer’ nothin’, ya’ know!)

And see to it that no one nor nothing ever so deceives you again, boss.

Ruby Tuesday
The Rolling Stones

Light ’em if you got ’em…

All of your biblical references confirm my point. We are paving the way for the messiah’s return. You are welcome to join us if you repent.

Oh, it’s in there alright. Just open your eyes.

“I myself shall gather the remnant of my flock from the lands of the north and all corners of the earth from whence I have scattered them…”

And none shall harm nor destroy in all my Holy Mountain!!!
(Clue: Precisely because it’s not measurably mine to so own, boss)

So what’s really my own story?

Briefly.- A former hard line atheist, out of the blue in Oct, 1999 I had a physically and emotionally exhausting profound rebirth experience directly at The Hand of The Eternal ONE alone at home that carried on in cyclic waves, extending for several weeks afterwards.

Several times I honestly thought whatever strange foreign oddity it was, it really was going to take my life then and there.

At one point about 3 weeks in, I sat at my kitchen table in a cold sweat and sort of asked this THING that had such a powerful grip on me the insane question.
I was surprised by the rather casual reply that came in the form of a forced thought I knew was not of my own volition, “There are others.”

And there you have it.
Nothing else really to tell.

You’ll be seeing it soon enough all by yourself- …everyone- individually- alone!

So you think you’re a prophet?

Anyway yes the lord will gather us from the corners of the earth and return us to Jerusalem. Meanwhile we can build our own little paradise right here in the USA.

You’ll be seeing it soon enough all by yourself.

And THE LORD said to my lord:

“Hey you!- C’mere. We got’s a job for you. However the position requires you be yourself. Full Blown, BALLZ-TO-THA’-WALLZ!!!…”

And I said, “I can do that.”

Good luck.


Nothing stressfully hard to do now except feed all the Kangaroos:

Taking It To The Streets
The Doobie Brothers

View To A Kill
Duran Duran

Black Hole Sun

Don’t Dream, It’s Over
Crowded House

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
Green Day

Never Been Any Reason
Head East

And surely you can come up with enough numbers of others all on your own.

Why are you so intimidated by my project? You don’t want to help fulfill God’s will?

Let’s ROCK!

The Boys Are Back In Town
Thin Lizzy

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

We will also work to end social security and medicare. We’re tired of paying people like you to relentlessly insult us all day.

Turn It Up!
Enter Sandman

You are sleeping. You won’t be ready for the return.

Check it
Nothing’s quicker than waking up to discover you’re already on your way, ‘there’ regardless.

Your agenda is to stave off the day of judgment to keep people out of paradise. You will fail.

Are You Experienced?
Have you ever been?

Not necessarily stoned, but…

No one would mistake you for a prophet.

Steve Rhan – scrhan60[at]

Re: Get a clue, Scrappy Doo

No, I carry Divine Liscence and am accordingly supposed to pass righteous Judgment upon you.

You time is done.
And I’m assigned to help dismantle your feebly spent ass.

What you imagine pertains to spent nonsense that no longer applies.

I’m off in you face for a very relevant and deserved reason.

To help destroy you.

Re: Get a clue, Scrappy Doo

The Judgment will destroy you and your lies.

And my assignment is to help the process.

And certainly a former hard line atheist makes for the perfect instrument to be delighted in such a righteous task.

Like I said, I represent your worst nightmare preacher boy.

Re: Get a clue, Scrappy Doo

And you’re not anything close.


Yesterday, already!!!

The LORD GOD will slay thee and call his servants by another name

Watch, watcher!

This obsession is disturbing. Why is he berating me with relentless curses?

The bilge continues:

You’re not capable of Salvation

Most mainstream Chistians have managed to fall asleep and drift far from the True Gospel.

So your suggestions to me about your and mosts Christian’s agenda lacks sufficient consistency to establish validity.

Behind closed doors, most Christians betray their own public-places narrative daily.

You’re all godless sinners.
And until Judgment Day, so you all will remain.

THE ALMIGHTY assigned me to this task
And so your responses have, if anything, less than no impact you’re naively hoping for.

Respect has to be earned

And you nor most have gained/earned f-all in terms of respect, justification.

My atracks on you are most certainly warranted!

Not any organized effort, congegation.

You all will stand ALONE, INDIVIDUALLY, before The LORD ALMIGHTY at that Hour.

And so too you have to so stand alone before me, alone!

Not your cowdy blog congregation.

See?- You made big naive violating mistake by posting my emails to you on you blog w/o my permission.
But I don’t need to get hot about it.
Because I know what will be happening to you as a result.

All I have to do is help set you up for a big fall.
And the more defiant you remain, the farther and harder you’ll fall.

So by all means, keep it up.

He’s persistent. And a little scary.


C’mon, crowdy $tupid $hit!

Let’s see you try to dis the pointedly relevant universal applied righteous terms thereof.

Anything you can muster in resonse to counter these terms or myself is sheer idiocy.
And you know it!

The fact that you immediately resort to insults and vulgarity shows you’re wrong and you know it.  No one’s buying your nonsense.

Did you forget already?

I don’t listen to dead people anymore.

And that would be you.

Yet you are compelled to respond to me. What gives?

You think I’m the only person capable of understanding your bonkers fantasy. Which may be true, but it’s still bonkers. No offense.

The relentless abuse continues:

Welcome to your worst nightmare

And the festivities are only just getting started.

I’ll explain it to you. It’s pretty simple. You did something terrible and now you are in deep denial. And you also don’t know who knows and who doesn’t know. So you created this elaborate religious fantasy for ‘plausible deniability’: when someone looks at you askance, you can think, “It’s not because of what I did, but my theology.”

But justice is coming and all will be revealed.

There is a way out – you can accept Jesus died for you!

Re: Haste makes waste


Go f’-off and die, pond scum!

I love you and you hate me.

See the difference?

No blogey congegation will shield, protect nor can save you from yourself

Go on now, pray to Jesus until blood flows from your pores.
And watch how it has ZERO effect on advancing your insistent nonsense at any point soon or in the future.

The poor thing. He’s obsessed.

You and all Christians cling on to and worship what’s in fact perishable, of the flesh that can die.

You worship Jesus (perishable flesh) alone as the ONLY savior supposedly equivalent to God Almighty, The Father, The Deathless ONE.

While I and the rest of the chosen elect know enough to ONLY worship The Imperisable, The Birthless, The Deathless- The Almighty Eternal Living God Alone.

Not a first heaven only begotten son.
A partial.
Not the real deal.

Good luck, youngster…

What will you do?

You going to personally, magically convert all other religions on earth to accepting your version of dead-end hopeless nonsense?


Good luck!

You Christians are going to severly burn over marriage/family forever going bye-bye.

You won’t be able to psychologically deal with any of it.

Which is why you’ll all thankfully pass away


Just how many of you all behave just like Trumpty Dumpty.
Like he gave you all liscence to have no need to come up with anything functionally coherent except an empty comeback.

It’s simple and I lay it out on my web site. If you spoke the truth you would say it publicly. But you are ashamed because you’re wrong and you know it.

This guy is scary.

How long can you hold your breath?

“…I can hold my breath a looooong, gulp, gag, blurb… glub-glub…”
Leslie Nielson Ratings

Film at 11



I have nothing else to do all day except figure out how to make your life Hell on earth.

Oh well!


The Absolute Whole Truth!

It’s operably called outright FULL EXPOSURE, dimwit!

So go on and continue to dis the terms as utter meaningles, misappropriated nonsense that needs to hide. Is ashsmed, in denial.

We DARE ya’!


What you’re afraid of

Our degree Righteousness is exceedingly far superior to yours.

You can’t hang with the Truth.

You make up stories that will never come to fruition.

You can’t begin to deal with all the other religions

But The Almighty can sweep all such away in an instant.

Jesus can’t do that.
Never could.
Cuz’ Christianity is only one of them all, dimwit!

It continues:

“Come out of her, oh my people…”

So, like how is it again that you read in that verse any such rationale or coinciding notion whereby one needs to publish, be heard, seen, blog about, organize any such effort… else they’re hiding, ashamed, afraid, in denial, desperate and in direly hungering for attention from others and the like???



Yes of course we must do the work while we can.

We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. – John 9:4

That’s what I’m doing. You’re just trying to get in the way.


And here you’ve wondered why I hate your lying, hypocritically irresponsible ass.

Truth’s coming for you, boi!

I seen what u done.

They’re going to be coming for you.

Good luck

If you genuinely believed I was lying you would say so publicly. But you’re wrong and you know it. What’s that called? Lying hypocrisy.

Why you’re confused and lost

You think love is more powerful and righteous than the absolute whole truth.

Thereby abusing love in a sense akin to addiction.
Wittingly or not, to mislead, manipulate or likewise inappropriately, irresponsibly.

Guilty as charged!

Chocolate fountains?

You berate me because you think I’m the only one who can understand your delusion. Maybe I can, but it’s still a delusion. No offense.

And you think I speak for Christians. When in fact Christians openly criticize me in the comments on my web site. As you can see for yourself. If you were honest you’d also publish a comment publicly – and argue with them not me.

But yes of course truth is coming for us all. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

The unhinged vitriol, threats and imprecations continue. 20 messages overnight, including:

Animated Corpses-In-Progress R Us

Coming soon to a Theatre of Operations near you.

Ok, I fess up
I’m a devout memeber

Taking care of your most desperately urgent needs


By the time you can download any such live activated, “get real” brain cell, we done already blown a whole in ya’ so big you’ll be deficatin’ out yer’ mouth, boi!

C’mon, junior!


So you’re willing to reveal your sheer stupidity by actually posting all this on your wimpy blog?


We DARE ya’.

Go on now.


Survival of the fittest!

And most all are not, “fittest”, properly suited to enter The True Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m one of the designated Kingdom Cops.
The Enforcer, Uncompromising, Incorruptable.

And I smell phoney chocolate fountain bull$hit!

You are not permitted to enter the True Kingdom.
All the moreso because you seek a manmade copy of The Sacred Kingdom, but only to the limits of mostly your own imagination.
So being flawed and incomplete accordingly.

You claim I’m secretly, slyly, devilishly trying to, “keep everyone out”.
So now you speak for everyone or even most others, do you?

No, I’m only telling YOU yer’ not permitted to enter for exactly the long laundry list of reasons already addressed ad nauseam.

“And the chief divines shalt be his enemies.”

You got trouble reading, boi?

Got $hit in yer’ crowdy-blind eye$, boi?

C’mon, youngster!

The LORD ALMIGHTY assigned me to this task.
So let’s see if you can defeat the truth, shall we?


“Why so dang many strange emails?”

Courtesy of:

1/12th (Lance)
3/9th (Pershing II)
6/33rd. (Howitzer)
III Corps Field Artillery
Fort Sill, Ok. USA

Training Aids Graphics Admin. Specialist
Corps of Engineers operative

Here’s the problem, dude.

You unwittingly make The Kingdom look like sub par chump change where nobody worth a shit is gonna’ join.

You degrade the Mastery and Brilliance of The LORD ALMIGHTY with your shallow first heaven horseshit.

You don’t measure up to the new and improved Get Real standard.
And you don’t to get to join in the eternal life festivities.

So, neeener, neeeener, neeeener.


The Law’s in Town, boss!

And don’t you forget it.

Code Violation Citation

Kingdom of Heaven Proprietary Jurisdiction Authority finds you guilty as charged

What more do you want in paradise other than chocolate fountains?

Here’s a sample of today’s delusional bilge:

You all won’t remotely be able to deal with any of IT

Just to get a hint of an idea why:

The devout Christian will feel like they’re being forced into Islam against their will, The devout Jew will feel forced into becoming a Christian against their will and the devout Muslim will feel forced into Judiaism against their will.

There will be no return of Christ.

So no Christian will anywhere near be able to accept The Judgment at all.

And by extension your naively insistent chocolate fountain agenda will be stripped away from you.


The whole point of your very existence is spent, done.

You can’t fathom the future, and accordingly you clearly don’t belong in The Kingdom.
And you all will be done away with soon enough as a result.

Oh well

Good riddance!

I can’t possibly keep you or anyone else out of The Kingdom

But The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY- Alone- most certainly can and will.

Everything you’ve sought to blame me for or misconstrue into your twisted rationale is wrong and falls apart readily upon any closer examination.
While any who continue to insist they can corner and tag me will face consequences they won’t be able to bear.

Truth coming to whoop your tired ass, boi.

Still trying to build a Temple, clinging to “religion”

What you and most insist yet needs to be done to prepare the Way, has already been done and the matter is nigh at the doors.

You all know it the last days, the final hours.
Yet there’s gotta’ be all this time yet and the first True first heaven Temple needs to be built first???

Have a brain fart, did you?

“And there will be no more death.”

So that’s a feature of you chocolate fountain La La Land, is it?

Then it’s not The Kingdom of Heaven, dimwit!

While you clearly show blatantly blasphemous disregard by playing in your cat turd land mine toddler sandbox you call the kingdom of heaven.

The reason you’ve never had to face off with anyone like me.

And you will know you have been visited by a true sign of the son of man.
The real deal.
The genuine article.

And in fact I help legitimize the true version of who Jesus really was. Just a human being like anyone else.
I can help bring the matter to earth.


1974 – present
YMCA/National Board Certified Lifeguard
Phoenix, Az.

The relentless insults and curses work great in hell. But they won’t get you into heaven. Sorry bud. You will be left out in the cold watching everyone enjoy the chocolate fountains and other wonders of heaven. Is there anything else you’d like to reject?

The simple and obvious truth is that we must agree to the laws and then embrace them and then the Judgment will be upon us. And then we will no longer need government or police and everyone will ignore bullies like you. You are in deep denial.

The spewage of vitriol continues apace:

Point Blank

You’re a lying, blind hypocrite.

You’re incompetent, don’t qualify and can’t be trusted.

Simple as that.

And warm, fuzzy kind words alone can’t buy your dead ass a pass.

Get a clue, Scrappy Doo

Your accusation of lying is preposterous. If you really believed I was lying you would post a comment publicly. A ‘lie’ is powerless without an audience. As usual you are guilty of what you accuse me of.

Plus you can’t even say what I’m allegedly lying about. You’re full of vitriol and fury because I’m right and you know it.

Love, your con, your chocolate fountain lure doesn’t work anymore, boss.
It’s criminal.

And you’re going to Jail.

Wow projection much?  Whatever you did, I’m scared for you.  Payback’s a bitch.

Because you’re a little slow

The initial staging of The Judgment is already taking place.

All but the chosen elect are currently psychologically limited, and trapped accordingingly.

You will find your condition is deteriorating and you will be left grasping at straws out of your past, as you sink in chocolate fountain delerium.

And we’re supposed to not only reject you, but rub your nose in your plight daily from now on. Forever!

Good luck

The Only Reason!

In fact, THE ONLY REASON for you to be so seemingly blind as to to avoid the suggestion about The Absolute Whole Truth and respond as you have is precisely because you’re such a lying sack of $hit deep down you can’t even go there.

It’s Judgment Day!

And we are to assist in exposing and executing such Judgment upon you with extreme prejudice.

That’s just the way it is, and is going to increasingly be, boss.

Whatever you did, it must have been a doozy. And your refusal to repent is recorded here for the jury. It’s not going to be easy for you.

He spent the last 8 hours straight railing at me. Here’s a sample of the 20 emails:

I been around the block too many times

And unlike others you try to deal with, I can’t be duped by your emotionally tired titty bit ass.

Then nothing can in that light?

Silly you.

When most certainly The Absolute Whole Truth And Nothing But What So F’n Ever Can and Will beyond any doubt your limited mind can muster.

You’ll be knocked flat in the blink of an eye.

Reduced to brain dead babbling banter.

Begging for mercy or help.

And there won’t be any.

And you’ll gnaw on your tounge in gaunt anguish, pain and eternal suffering.


Wittingly or not, you appear to secretly prey on the desperate, weak and meek

As a result you will most certainly be suffering severe consequences beyond your imagination.

That’s why is called burning in the fires of Hell, boss.

No delaying purgatory, paaaal.
You’re going straight to eternal codemnation, burning within.

And on that day, at that Hour

You will know.

The Judgment, having already been adequately passed upon you, being thus magnified tenfold in your head.

There will be no escape.
No potential for redemption.

Suicide will be your only lot of available options.

Oh well

I Don’t Care Anymore
Dr. Phil Collins

You just spent the last 8 hours railing impotently at me. Obviously you need help. Join your local church. Talk to your kids, maybe they don’t hate you as much as you fear.

But it’s clear that you know I’m right. Heaven is here for all. The key is not to let bullies like you get us kicked out again. I appreciate the opportunity to keep you distracted from other mischief.

A 20 email long rant today (spanning 5 hours):

Simple!- You Lie.

And now you die!



The issuing of such condemning Judgment for what you’ve really done is obviously not anything you nor most anyone else is going to like or find acceptable.

Hint: The criminal doesn’t want to find out he’s actually a criminal to his own self, does he???-???-???


In order to, “save” you, IT’s required that I expose and beat the ever livin’ crap out of you first.

Huh, boss?

Some people are very threatened by this web site.

“…,with liberty and justice for all.”!!!

It’s a rather plain and straightforward ‘State-Meant’ that doesn’t require so much confused, conficted and accordingly blindly contradicted behavior as what has so evolved to destructively, deeply dominate today.

The abominating, ‘Trumpet’ has blasted away loud and clear for the last 4 years, and hindsight can only become manifest when 2020 is in the rearview mirror- but only for those with ears intended to hear and eyes intended to see as much.

“And so when you see the abomination that causes desolation [standing where it ought not], know it is at the doors.”

Black Friday
Steely Dan

No one can make heads or tails of your rhants. Sorry to break it to you.

The country will not attain paradise through socialism. It must be from private charity. “The gateway is narrow.” Only those who repent will desire to enter. The rest will prefer to toil and scheme – like you.

Another 10 hour rant with dozens of emails, including these threats:

The Judgment Stands!

You’re naught but a counterfeit Kingdom of Heaven predator.

And will be shot on sight accordingly.

We greatly await when this Game On moves beyond these meager email attacks on your spent bull$hit.

You overstep your bounds where it’s none of your f’n business, boss!

Termination is your lot accordingly.

Be advised

The LORD informs me it’s time to move on from mere emails.

Initiating ‘N’ Hour Sequence Platform Staging

The incessant rhants continue:

Time to bring Law Enforcement into this

You are a pointed violation of “The Primary Law”!

With complete disregard you repeatedly overstep your justified bounds.
A predator who preys on the downtrodden, defacing their own dignity and keeping them from opportunity to fullfill themselves.

With a mere counterfeit mock up of The Kingdom, you’re in direct violation against The Almighty.

Nothing’s worse than the likes of you.
Even worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I offer the opportunity to learn the word of God. What have you ever done for the downtrodden? Like I said, you are guilty of everything you accuse me of.

You never answered

Who gave you permission to post my emails on your blog???

It’s glaribgly obvious you only reply to emails you think you can come up with something to say.

You can’t ignore The Truth.
You can’t ignore the Facts.

Of course you refuse to post publicly. You are terrified of the sunlight because it exposes your nonsense and delusions.

Then The LORD said to my lord

“Now come and sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.”

And so I obey.

So obviously you think you’re the messiah.  Haha good luck getting anyone to believe that.  You also think the rapture has already happened. That’s wrong too.  You also deny that a new heaven and earth are upon us.  Wrong three.

You get wrong all the basic and fundamental facts.  Can you get anything right?

Now commence another 12 hour long delusional rhant:

A selection from another 8 hour rhant:

Numbers, committed warm body counts of followers tp even come close to befitting what you claim, moron!

I already repeatedly said The Eternal Living Almighty is the ONLY true Messiah, idiot!

Huh, dumbf**k?

If you actually post all this

Then you’re dead meat all the sooner too.

It’s clearly beyond the range of your comprehension that I could actually be just plain honest and not really up to some facetiously manipulative head games you’re deeply accustomed to and regularly engage in like a sleazeball dirtbag.

Only The True Elect

Only we the true Raptured elect actually know what the suggestion of a Satan really amounts to.

We know how you’re all Satanic sinners.
Far worse than mere wolves in sheep’s clothing.

You resort to insults, threats and curses because you have no real argument. That tactic works great in hell but fails miserably in heaven. All you can do is rave like a mad man. Meanwhile, thousands of people are discovering that the new heaven is already upon us. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Selections from a 3 hour mini rant:

You keep forgetting

As a memeber of the true Elect, I carry Divine Liscence to pass Judgment upon you.

But you don’t carry f-all $hit to assert anything you say.

We are supposed to cut off your head, slay you and show no compassion whatsoever

The scriptures spell it all out quite plainly, boss.

You’re sadly mistaken about love and the host of your other juvenile shortcomings.

“It doesn’t say that in the scriptures!”

Wanna’ bet?-

Enoch I, Ch. 96

21 “Woe to you who love the deeds of iniquity. Why do you hope for that which is good? Know that you shall be given up into the hands of the righteous; who shall cut off your necks, slay you, and show you no compassion.”

My obsession

Is your destruction.

Oh well.

Again you get it completely wrong.  God gave us ‘bad’ laws and Jesus freed us from them:

Moreover, I gave them statutes that were not good and judgments by which they could not live, and I defiled them by their own gifts in their passing of every firstborn through [the fire], that I might devastate them. I did it that they might know that I am the Lord.

Ezekiel 20:25

“Such bad laws offend our modern sensibilities. People today look back at biblical strictures in horror and contempt. We consider them to be monstrous”

“Biblical law wasn’t meant to be perfect. How could it be? Its purpose was to breed a great people.”

“Jesus rescinded many of the ‘bad’ laws and ordinances, such as stoning for adultery and expanding the menu of edible foods.”

Another 6 hour threatening rhant:

Why this position is even Superior to the Judge and US Judicial system

Exactly because the whole system, hook, line and sinker, is more geared to winning or losing in ANY Court of Law that getting to the Truth IT-Self.

Strictly in order to effectively correct course BY ACTUALLY LEARNING WHAT HAPPENED TO DEAL WITH IT EFFECTIVELY.
To derive Just results.

Instead of yankin’ a $tupid circle gerk a-go-go.

You only think you’re a conservative, boi!
Gonna’ be whoopin’ off un yo’ dead a$$, boi!



“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”

But only where appropriate, justified by The LORD ALMIGHTY

“Say goodnight, Dick!”


Once more from the top

I’m of the Elect.

You’re not.

I’m accordingly permitted to move on into the future.

And you’re not.

And of course you can’t possibly believe it.
And so you’ll be finding out.


Think you’re tough?


I’ll be running you into the ground.

Dismantling, fragmenting every brain cell you got.

Because you think you can fight

I take all the more delight, am all the more driven to strip you down to a babbling chunk of rotting flesh.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” – Matthew 5:9

Who else was called a son of God?

THINK before you start clickety clacketing.

Insults and threats continue:

Can’t just do the half-assed cherry pickin’ stickin’ dickin’ around to suit your intererests.

Al least not without it all coming back to tear your head off and shove it down your throat.

Your obsession with me is because you’re wrong and you know it.

The false prophet is a rich Gay guy if you fall for him the you stand for nothing..My name Dennis stagg aka killumanati Major,I write this in concern of my life being in jeperody and this Gangstalking harrassement,poisoning ,homosexuality has false imprisonment,torture has gotten so far out of hand I’m starting to become suicidal and homocidal.It started in Texas 8 years ago behind The Cia fbi Robert Khan Bob Martin David Patterson, Bob suffer Json and his brother John as well a federal judge was sleeping and using my kids mother as a sex slave and porn slave.Things started to concern me when my heart started to fail me.Do to there hidden agenda I’m cloned,kids missing and taken for what ever I get by the anonymous.I can’t deal with the with the health conditions a triple by pass 2 stents and bottled up anger from being neglected of help.I have 5 years or more of evidence that these people are molesters killers rapist and America terriost.this is just a few things to show foul play

Selections from a 12 hour rhant:


You think I’ll suffer an, “Oh shit!” moment.

When in fact you’ll suffer an, “OH $HIT!!!” moment.

And these emails help set you up to be a full fledged Comode Commander.
Fiscal Phlatulance be at your Disposal.

Flu$h twice, it’s a long way to your next meal.


Watch, Monkey Butt…

The Greater Good

Strictly focuses on and nvolves the individual, every individual, individually.

Not the overcrowded silly Illusion/Mirage you think is EVERYONE ELSE’S operable reality.
The closer you get to the dated Illusion, role models and the like, it all fades into non-existence.

Woe unto you…

You are obsessed with me because you know I’m right and there’s nothing you can do about it other than snarl in the darkness. But everything will be brought to light. That’s what terrifies you. Every day brings the Judgment closer.

Selections from a 12 hour rhant:

Why I can’t be trapped, condemned as you hope will happen eventually

Largely because I remain true to myself, and don’t feel the need to broadcast, blog or seek a group audience as you and most desperately need.

Thus over time I’m never in a position where I can be questioned or confronted as will befall you.

“It all only seems like what you’re saying is true, but merely because you’re taking the Bible all out of context. While inventing your own laws and ideas to suit yourself alone.”

Lol, you quickly forget you’ve yet to establish any such context, which you all (various religions) invariably contradict one another on some vital level.
Reflecting inconsistency, where no such inconsistency ought exist. Even by your own rigid Zealous assertion.

Lol, woe unto you…

For the LORD GOD and the lamb are the Temple.

You already have long known thus, yet there you are insisting a Temple must be built in YOUR counterfeit Kingdom.

Lol, woe unto your ignore-ance…

“God made us to struggle for billions of years so that he could kill everyone and appoint me King Peeve to rule over the destruction.”

HAHA nah.

Selections from an 8 hour rhant:


I just passed my 30th yearly National Board Certification for, “LIFEGUARD ON DUTY” last month.

I’m a part time Lifeguard at several Phoenix city pools.

Any questions?

A Teenage Wa$teland


All of ya’!
Drown in your lies…

If it’s true, it won’t be for much longer.

The relentless insults, threats and curses are continuing for over half a year. Every day brings hours of messages like this. This is what we get for funding social security and medicare.

You Only Remember Respect Has To Be Earned When It Suits YOU, HYPOCRITE!!!

Go f-off and DIE!!!!!!!

The NT isn’t the actual words Jesus spoke


You cling to books that early Christians only thought Jesus said that, Dumbf**k!

That’s The Truth!


Face It!

You can’t read what the Bible REALLY says, Preach.

But the skeltical perfectionist atheist has seen thru the veil the blinds you, Christian.

I know and believe on a level you can’t comprehend, Preach.


The Psycho-Cybernetics Book is more advancingly accurate than your Bible, Preach.

Die Dumb$hit!

DIE, Spiritual Parasite Preacher McMAGGOTOID !!!

The Almighty Hates The Satanic-Campy Preachers Who Do Nothing But Talk

And thereby so do I, Preach!

“And the chief divibes shalt be his enemies.”


“Behold, I come as a thief.”!

Tough $hit, Titty Bit!

You are compelled to persist in this campaign because you know that when you stop, your goodies will stop too.

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