Live for Free in Paradise

This is an opportunity to live for free in a high-tech shared house in Christian fellowship.

Benefits include:

  • Free shared room in a private house
  • All food included
  • Shared car for licensed drivers or bring your own
  • High tech and wired for entertainment and education
  • $200 monthly stipend
  • Quiet environment
  • Shared fund for basic medical care
  • Low carbon usage to reduce global warming
  • Stay up to one year

In return you agree to abide by a code of conduct and to respect your neighbors. Weekly bible study. You also agree to support candidates and issues with online activism.

Otherwise you are free to do as your heart desires.

Apply now!

And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people.

Acts 2:44

From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.

Matthew 24:32

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

313 replies on “Live for Free in Paradise”

Are there many women there in need or would like a Hard On to please them or would enjoy a working tongue

Eat a fucking dick you fucking follower. They should gather all you people in this house and drop a fucking nuke on it.

Hahaha that’s pretty much what God is gonna do when he comes back to the world…..just saying

So you don’t allow fat people? That doesn’t seem very Christian—to discriminate based on appearance of ones mortal shell.

No one likes a fatty. Stop eating so much ya slob and get to the gym and work off your disgusting blubber. Spare everyone from having to look at your disgusting mess.

I live in a very remote mountain in the high north chihuahua desert shrub land. People have come here with similar goals. It’s a community that’s grown up organically as it’s never been promoted. People are just coming on their own. Everyone has their own land ranging from the smallest at 20 acres to over 500 acres. If you’re interested in an established community feel free to contact me.

Saw your post about the community you live in. Can you tell me more?

Here are the issues they want you to support. This is a scam

Are you a fit for our resort/retirement community? Here are the issues we believe in:

Capitalism not socialism
Small government, low taxes
You can use government services (such as medicaid) but must oppose them politically
Oppose social security, medicare and other entitlements
No such thing as ‘mental illness’ or ‘addiction’
Support decriminalization of drugs and weapons
Support equality, free speech and freedom of religion
Oppose zionism, fascism and anarchy
Modern physics and evolution
No resurrection of the dead or eternal life, other than what we create

Yep, it’s for those of you who are into Trump bullshit. If you are stupid enough to believe any of what they offer, go for it. Sign your ethics away!

You’re confusing this with socialism. Biden and the radical left will wreck the country. You are signing your soul away.

Your obsession suggests you know and fear this.

I’m literally cracking up at the note below the image. “Image for illustrative purposes only. (No property has yet been acquired” lol. Our um.. cult needs your money.

Christians know the Lord will provide. And He will.

Socialists think the state will provide. You’ll be sorely disappointed for putting your faith in government.

You’re no Christian. You play with scripture to a certain degree but you’re no Christian.

Lol the second exodos will taje pkace shortly the true children of israel doesn’t need ur paradise

The Government and the state provide with OUR tax monies. The Bible says to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (the is our taxes, our money that WE give to government and the state). So I rather it be shared with the people (the needy), than have politicians line their pockets while leaving Americans homeless and hungry).

Oh you think Jesus loved giving money to Caesar? No, he just wanted to appease him until He could establish the Kingdom of God.

Socialists will leave people homeless and hungry by the millions.

I’m not sure that this guy even knows what socialism is based on his comments. Socialism is a political theory and has absolutely nothing to do with cults, I mean religion.

Socialism is free healthcare, housing and education. They are trillion dollar programs and will bankrupt the country. Medicare and Social Security are already unsustainable and we must end them. We can’t add more programs or eligibility. It’s the ‘wide gate’ that Jesus warned you about – the path to destruction. Whereas this web site shows the narrow gate to paradise. (We’re already here actually, we just need to kick out the socialists before they destroy us.)

Again, that has nothing to do with the flying spaghetti monster you worship. If I were you I would never give anyone your address because the fire bombing would be glorious. You are a bit job and also the exact problem with humanity. Pushing your agenda on the weak so that they can do your bidding under the guise of free shelter and food is abominable and I hope to your god, you get what’s coming to you. Spoiler alert, it’s not salvation, it’s a painful fiery death at th hands of your peers.

Oh and socialism has absolutely nothing to do with religion you fuck. One is a faith and the other a system. You’re just usi g religion as a shield for your own political beliefs. Let me educate you. Socialism works if greed never enters the picture. Same with capitalism. Sadly America is rife with greedy fucks who screw the system up. There are countries who have way better lives b3cause of socialism, but I don’t see the same in capitalist countries. Go get educated then get fucked because you’re the problem and you need to be eliminated from the equation. I feel ashamed for actual Christians that people like you exist. Even more so for Google that they allowed this to be an advertisement. Oh wait, that’s because of capitalism that they did.

Wow you are really triggered by my web site. But Jesus was a capitalist and socialism is an abomination. It is the ‘wide gate’ that inevitably leads to destruction. Thanks though for showing how angry you are and how threatened you feel by my site. That only confirms my points.

You are sadly mistaken. I’m not triggered nor do I fear you or your kind. I just don’t want this trash spread to weak people because it’s pure trash. It’s intolerance and Jesus was just a new who lives over 2000 years ago. He was nothing mote than a man. You have no true idea of who he was or what political belief he had and believing you do is also part of the problem. Go ahead and believe what you want, but when you spread hate like you intend to, then you need to be eliminated from the equation. You’re free to spin this any way you like though. Such is the nature of our constitution, but just know, a lot of us can see through your cloud of bullshit.

The only one here spreading hate and using violent rhetoric is you.

But anyone reading your comments will realize that you feel deeply threatened because you know I’m right. Socialism is the ‘trash’ that appeals to weak people. My web site makes that fact blatantly obvious.

That’s laughable. You’re spouting socialism is trash, yet churches use the same socialist theory of taking money from those that have it and using to help those that don’t. You continue living in your little bubble of denial and the rest of us who know better will continue laughing at you from afar.

Oh, and using teligion for your political agenda to avoid having to pay taxes is, in a word, cute. I had a friend try this before and when he got caught, went to jail for tax evasion. I truly do hope your outcome is the same as his. He was truly a trash person and you are sounding exactly like him. Enjoy trying to avoid bubba while you’re in there. Have fun and stay safe my guy. You will need all the lick you can get with this venture.

That’s laughable. The whole point of my web site is to promote communism – voluntary (Christian) not forced (government/taxes). The difference is obvious. Even you get it, which is why you are so triggered and angry. The idea is now stuck in your head and you can’t get it out. My objective has been achieved.

And I also believe in following the laws and paying taxes. But we must abolish big government programs, as you can see plainly on my web site.

Also the biggest threat is from antifa. Thanks for demonstrating their rhetoric used to incite violence. And the police run in the opposite direction, so we aren’t exactly relying on them for ‘protection’. We don’t need big government, thanks again for helping to demonstrate that fact and please continue spewing your angry self-contradictions:

Oh I get it now. You want to create a world around you in the same vein as Hitler. You rule all your worker bees to do your bidding and they rely on you to survive. Under the guise of religion of course. Makes sense to me now that you must be a trump supporter.

Also, don’t get it twisted. You keep spouting that my words are to incite violence, which isvfarther from the truth than you seem to believe. I’m inciting fellow free thinkers to see past the cloud of bullshit and to join me in outing this truly heinous event from ever happening and hurting a single soul.

The simple and obvious truth is that American law is nearly perfect. But we just need to abolish big gov’t programs like social security and medicare and end the drug wars. Whereas under socialism, millions of people will die because people like you are in control – denying violent rhetoric until it’s too late.

Once everyone agrees to the law then we no longer need big government to patrol and control us. And people like you lose all power. We will be ruled not by government or police or you, but only God’s law. This was the whole point of the bible, though I’m sure you will convulse with anger at that obvious point.

And agreeing on the universal law (through free speech) brings about the rapture and the awesome day of judgment. You can try, but you can’t stave it off much longer.

I also am enjoying the irony that both the religious and the atheists are vilifying me here for opposite reasons. That only reassures me I’m on the right path. So keep up the nonsense and vitriol:

You have fallen right into exactly what i thought you would. You wany freedom of teligion, but you left out freedom of just your religion. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a reason why your religion and it’s followers were cast out from so many other places. Why you ask? It’s simple..
Because it’s bullshit. Your site is bullshit and your views and your bible are both relics that need to be forgotten. Most of us have evolved past believing the words from a book written so long ago that none of it applies. I go d it funny that your kind supports things like qanon, yet your book advocates for pedophilia. Just one of many examples of hypocrisy.

I digress though. Keep thinking that my words are reaffirming what your crappy site is spouting. The rest of us who have evolved know the truth.

You have fallen right into exactly what i thought you would. I never mentioned religion. In fact biblical law wasn’t perfect and was never meant to be. I never claimed otherwise. The point was to perfect the law so that we could all agree to it. And we’re very close to that. That’s what terrifies you, because it means that judgment day is coming. It’s a simple logical conclusion: when a plurality of people agree to the universal law, after a certain point it will spread like wildfire. Whereas your position hypocritically requires that people differ on fundamental aspects of law – which are inevitably due to ‘religious’ beliefs that you despise. You’re in a no-win situation. But hey keep painting yourself deeper into a corner in your desperation:

You are special aren’t you. You literally states God in your argument then back peddle saying you never mention religion. Do you even know what you are talking about at this point? The only person painting themself in a corner is you. You’ve back peddle consistently trying to bounce between religion and politics, both which have nothing to do with each other. You are literally proving why this whole thing is an abomination and I’m actually tired and bored yo years proving you wrong at every turn. I was hopi g for more of a challenge but instead you keep using the trump tactic of claiming a win when you lose. You gotta come harder than that if you really want to win. Simply claiming a win doesn’t makeniy so. Sorry not sorry. If only I could add the meme of a great actor with a Willy wonka quote, but ill just write it out

You lose
Good day sir

I won’t be responding going further as if like yo go find someone more worthy of my time. I know you will respond and try to twist everything in your favor, but I believe my work here is done. You have proven this is a scam and people have obviously responded as such so there is no need to continue dogpiling onto this thread any further.

And government is your god, even if you deny it. You are just as ‘religious’ as I am. No one believes your agenda is to help poor people. It’s obviously just a cynical pretext to soak the rich for profit and power. But my web site eviscerates your ‘secular’ fantasies. The fact that you (or anonymous here) have to resort to violent rhetoric shows that you know you’ll lose on the merits. Every day we get closer to conservative/capitalist ideals. The recent election proves it.

The bottom line is that socialism is a scam – the ‘wide gate’ to destruction that Jesus warned us about. This web site points out the ‘narrow gate’ to paradise. Even if you want to quibble on the details, it only shows we’re much too close for your comfort.

Man you sure are a nasty person when someone doesn’t agree with you huh ironically you are the problem just because someone shares a different religious societal or governmental View point does not make them evil stupid or even wrong and by the way since you’re such a scholar on the socialistic form of government would you call a theory has been proven time and time and time again in Nation after Nation after Nation to be not only a very logistically impossible form of stable government but also a very cruel nightmarish blood-soaked corrupt way to govern people and we have tens of millions of corpses from the 20th century to prove that the Union of Soviet Socialist republics was not a theory the gulags we’re not a theory 60 million dead it’s not a theoretical reality Mao Stalin and Hitler weren’t mad men theoretically and yes if you were a Nazi i e a member of the national Socialist German Workers Party then you were a socialist you barked at this guy about shoving his ideas down someone’s throat what about you your flag waving for the most murderous forms of government humans have ever came up with you would have to be mentally challenged 5 year old it’s never seen a history book do you think that’s socialism is a viable alternative to capitalism and democracy

Friend, you have to eat with that mouth. You need a couple bottles of Listerine

I bet this ad is from Trump himself. He would lie to you in a second to get money from you. Go for it !

Except it doesn’t require a penny. Only that you accept the listed issues.

You seem obsessed with debunking the site. Why so threatened?

Anonymous, Let me share a little story with you. The book written two thousand years ago speaks of today’s time. Revelation 9 avoid 911. It is the. Description of law-enforcement using pressure points tracking in the US. The Bible is real. And this is Tribulation. Sorry anomalous you are mistaken. You have ascended, you have descended you follow the devil and you’re foolish to say the Bible is not true to the words of Jesus Christ.

Actually social security and Medicare aren’t breaking the country. People pay in to them. What’s breaking the country is the cost of the military and the high cost of drugs. These two programs getting stolen from by greedy politicians.

Yes we must reduce military spending. But SS & medicare are actually more. None of it is fully funded and the programs are bankrupting the country. We’re at $26 trillion debt and counting.

Old people are the richest generation in history and can easily afford to care for themselves and their needy peers without selling their own grandkids into debt slavery.

I’m on SS and it’s my only income I’m certainly not able to do without it

Ummmmm, Excuse Me!!!????
I Paid for My Medicare and Social Security through My Job/Employer. I Didn’t sit on my Hiney and Get it for Free!!!! I Worked For It!!!

The cult is socialism. This site explains the pathway to heaven. The gate is narrow but the wide gate (socialism) leads to destruction. If you disagree that’s fine. You are welcome to continue to toil in hell and berate the people as they are raptured.

The Kingdom is not of this world. And you are disgracing the rapture
Which there will be pre tribulation or more likely post.
You are leading people astray. God will put you in the worst hell for that

We are already in heaven. If you disagree then that’s because you’re in hell. Of course, you are always welcome to join us. But you must repent and agree to the Issues.

Unless you repent and turn to Christ it just doesn’t matter for long what great ideas you have
The people here are right
Carl Marx took the passage you used and combined it with the doctrine of demons. We already have a higher authority one that believes in sovereign nations ( sorry Emmanuel Macron) really wonder if that guy is a candidate for Antichrist. Your agenda of secular humAnist occult founded socialism will pan out in Gods favor for the end times. Just stop running from real authority just stop selling paradise. That’s where your grandma is right now. Shaking her head at you.

Maybe you think socialism will save you. But that’s the ‘wide gate’ that Jesus warned you about. This web site represents the narrow gate into paradise.

Sounds like you’re living in hell. Sorry to hear it. I hope you repent and turn to Jesus.

On drugs: If you don’t need them, stop; if you do need them, start.

And, BTW, the 3rd commandment is about acting as a spokesperson for the Deity and then acting contrary to His word: something He won’t hold without a charge.

Don’t pretend to be a “messianic” and deny HIS *eternal* covenant with His people; you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of Him, and I admonish you that it is *not* a position you will want to find yourself in.

Repent. G-d sets Himself in opposition to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

(BTW, the only politics He’s concerned with are those of His Kingdom).

Wow so you are letting lazy people who refuse to work for a living stay, as long as the become internet trolls for your “Agenda” is this that socialism I’ve heard about?? I think so ;)… people living in the house, jokes aside… these people will hurt you, they will hurt your family… they tell you, you are free to leave… so leave, dont let them guilt trip you. Dont let the devil wear sheepskin clothing to trick you into doing the work of “god” there are good christian people out here that want to help you. We love you, we support you… don’t fall for their guise

We’re running out of jobs, so there won’t be work even for people who want it. That’s ok – the whole point of humanity is to retire. And this is a starting point.

You are welcome to help people too. However just giving people benefits under socialism will end in disaster as it always does.

Will there be orgies? I will bring the plastic cups for everyone to have our final cup of special punch on the last day.

So you’re saying God doesn’t want us to have orgies? I think we may be talking about different gods. I was thinking of the one Supreme God. Our dark lord Cthulhu.

Oh! I also don’t think we need that big fancy house. A tent or a few discarded mattresses under a bridge would work fine.

You probably want socialism. That’s the ‘wide gate’ Jesus warned you about. This is only for people who can fit through the narrow gate.

This is the start of a religious cult! Your a fake and a fraud ! How dare you try to get people to live in a shared house with food for free , nothing sir or mam is for free , God should punish you for lying to helpless people ! Shame on you !!! This is a scam !

God promised us peace and relaxation. Maybe paradise isn’t right for you. You’re welcome to keep toiling. But you shouldn’t dissuade others from entering the Kingdom.

Sure! Fill out the application, so you can show if you have the right stuff. If you think Biden will create your paradise then this isn’t the place for you.

This must be satire. The rapture is a sudden event. Carnal believers will be raptured from brothels. It is not excluded to a cult.

I am discerning something is off here. Danger. Stay away. Run to God not to things people say are free especially with the name Amalek

We are safe now. We no longer need to fear Amalek. Time to build our sanctuary:

Now when the king lived in his house and the Lord had given him rest from all his surrounding enemies, the king said to Nathan the prophet, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells in a tent.” And Nathan said to the king, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you.” – 2 Samuel 7:1

Ok, so I hear a lot of heat and a lot of hate, and I don’t understand where it is coming from. Unless the previous posters have a lot more information than I do, I can’t understand why there is so much skepticism and anger. Don’t we know to ask questions before we start throwing insults and accusations? I’m a little ashamed of my brother and sisters here.

If this place is not built yet, why are you offering it for free to any who wish to be here. You can not offer nothing, which isn’t built unless the people who join are maybe giving something to build it. I sell all my materialistic things in life, and join this conquest, am I not just giving materialistic for comfort in a materialistic home. Christ walked the earth not in comfort, but in anguish for his people– for them to repent, and change their ways– to reconcile them to God. Sounds like a great idea/concept. We weren’t placed here to relax and sit around– were here to toil/plow the world and bring a harvest to Christ.

Is this for the homeless who currently live in tents? There is a lot Out there and maybe you can help them in this free community.

That is very rude, even if you don’t believe in what they believe in you should be a kind/good person.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

This is not paradise this is blasphemous according to the scripture first you you have to pay for so called enjoyment. Jesus will take me to paradise for free that he paid for were there is no death or grief thats why this is a cult

It’s free! (‘Stipend’ means we pay you!)

But our job is to pave the way for Jesus’ return. That means we must create these communities in fellowship.

Foolishness and deception…my salvation in Christ Jesus is my privilege to be Raptured !

My continued submitted life to Father God , under Jesus lordship , lead , corrected and comforted by the indwelling Holy Spirit ( John 14:17, 1 John 4:2,4) who Jesus said is Now my teacher ( John 14:26, John 16:13-15) as well as the fivefold office of the Church: The apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor and the teacher are given to the Church for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:… Eph. 4:8-15 !
Living our Christians lives in agreement with the Word of God and declaring it’s Truth verbally is our Victory no matter what!
Philemon 1:6, 1 John 5:4 , Eph. 4:15, Rev. 12:11 !!!

This sounds like a cult, or more specifically, what happened in Waco Texas with David Koresh and his followers back in the early 90’s. No thanks!!

It’s not a cult, just a great opportunity to relax and retire in fellowship. You don’t like it? That’s fine, more paradise for everyone else.

This is not paradise this is blasphemous according to the scripture first you you have to pay for so called enjoyment. Jesus will take me to paradise for free that he paid for were there is no death or grief thats why this is a cult

It’s free! This is exactly what you are asking for.

Sorry but whoever told you there is ‘no death’, they misled you. That’s a cult. Of course there is death. But until then we might as well relax in Christian fellowship!

This is hilarious. Please realize that this person has no idea what they are doing. 😁😵

I don’t understand all i think i need to know please help me understand so i may teach my kids grandkids and so on thank you and god bless you all

Kimberly Crowe, read your Bible and know what it says before commitng to this group. Less you know who you are in Christ and can stand strong in opposition, even then some can be conformed. Trust the spirit to guide you! He is the best teacher. Find a local church who breaks the Bible down book by book, the Baptist have done well with this. Jesus has paid the price for our salvation. He tells us to keep faith in Him, not man, not government, Him and Him alone..🤔🙌👏. For those who do not agree with the community, pray!! The Word tells us these things will occur. We must stand up for righteousness, and the bestpoaaile way of doing this is through prayer. Remember a harshwors stirs up strife, andwerestrid and envy are found so is every evil thing. We pray and God interceedsfor us all. He will make the crooked paths straight, He will restore all that the enemy takes away, and most importantly He is incontrol. None of these things are a surprise to Him. We must be strong for Christ. I find it interesting that the atheist are against it, so this could produce fruit. For when good and evil are both against/or for the same things, God is in the midst working it all for His glory and our good. Praise the Lord His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours. But we must know what He says, in order to stand in truth.

I am here to help usher in heaven on earth, materialistic liberation from the body, spiritual awakening for the world, enlightenment for all, eternal life for all, transcance for all.

Hm..well I’m here to usher in a long oppressed side of religion. The reverence of evil, but aligned with both the beliefs of maintaining the cosmic balance and aligned with the ideals ultimately of heaven. For it is our struggles between the light and shadow that struggle to maintain an equal balanced opportunity for mankind to learn through our struggles, see the path of good and evil, the benefits of virtue and the wages of sin, and to ultimately make a choice between the two perpetuating gods gift of free will so that life flows ever onward. Too much of either and the view becomes unclear to where even good can seem evil when it dominates everything around you, man feels as though he has no choice then. So there must be an opposition. My ministry is that opposition we personify the sins and emulate the wages paid in both life and death.

I stumbled upon this dialogue in my biblical research. It appears that well-meaning people are seriously misguided. May I admonish the proponents of the rhetoric that supports this off-centered ideology: READ THE ORIGINAL KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE.

Point of order: the “King James version” of the bible is not the original… or it wouldn’t be a “version”. It was created by a king who wanted to distance himself from the pope and control his own “version” of religion.
That said, I certainly don’t believe this group’s agenda is any more altruistic than the good king.

Hello fellow brother, an amalekite huh? What are you doing here with this…paradise thing? And this message of the prophet of the spirits Elijah Elish who crossed the Sunni river as our people fled the onslaught of the magogites and slaughtered our people into the near second cultural extinction of our Zoroastrian culture. I too have been enchained like a dog to this spirit slayer of our kin and made a prophet in his name. So I am sure if you feel the same as I feel inside a great day of reckoning is coming well overdue for the great spirit kinslayer of puppets

If God actually spoke today, would it be important for you to see what He has said?
He does, you can, and here’s where:  ‪‬
Your Bible tells you that the Holy Spirit speaks today…….Go see…….It will be the most important website that you will ever visit.                     

This is God’s last Word to a dying world….and this is your visitation.

I looked at your web site but it is very dense and unreadable. Is there a simple message? I hope you’ll let go of your conceits and join our community in Christ.

Your website just appeared after I listened to Dutch Sheets “Arise.” Would like more information. What city? Please reply. Thank you. R. Warner

Messianic “Jews” like yo, Michael, are not Jews. The fact that you associate with Neo-Nazis makes you an Amalek. You are a racist and a bad person who does nothing to help the Jewish people.

This is one of those timeshare pyramid schemes isn’t it? Man you really went all out on this one but there is one problem every moron who tries to claim my name hits and thats cross referencing the names and titles used to describe me. You use the names and titles but then the real ones who are still actively living in modern times hears of this legend of their culture claiming things. They go to check it out and find fakes, false prophets and antichrists galore. Your not the first and won’t be the last. Maybe I’ll have my minions of Thule worshipers make a bowl from your skull to drink the blood of ny victims from. Cause its the thuggish ruggish bone baby 🤟


You should fill out the application to see if you’re a match. If you’re not raptured, that’s ok. You can keep toiling.

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