Live for Free in Paradise

This is an opportunity to live for free in a high-tech shared house in Christian fellowship.

Benefits include:

  • Free shared room in a private house
  • All food included
  • Shared car for licensed drivers or bring your own
  • High tech and wired for entertainment and education
  • $200 monthly stipend
  • Quiet environment
  • Shared fund for basic medical care
  • Low carbon usage to reduce global warming
  • Stay up to one year

In return you agree to abide by a code of conduct and to respect your neighbors. Weekly bible study. You also agree to support candidates and issues with online activism.

Otherwise you are free to do as your heart desires.

Apply now!

And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people.

Acts 2:44

From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.

Matthew 24:32

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

313 replies on “Live for Free in Paradise”

WOW!! That’s all! WOW! In reading this I am set aback at the way you have all found a way to be dramatic and argumentative. Nobody does good things for others just out of kindness. People are petty. People are selfish. This is why the world is in its current state. Goodness and chivalry are dead. Selfishness and self preservation took over. Generosity, love, respect, and loyalty… There’s maybe one percent of humanity that even recognize the true meaning of these things. If everyone believed and lived these things, we would have more peace and less bullshit in this world. Live and let live, hell can we not even do that? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Jesus said. I don’t see anybody hesitating, everyone’s is just throwing stones. Think outside of your boxes people. Have inner peace, it’s a starting point.

You can’t have ‘inner peace’ unless you’re fighting for world peace. That’s a scam by the Eastern religions to lull people into complacency so you can take advantage of them.

Nowhere in all of Scripture if Rapture mentioned.invented by Schofield for his translation of his “bible.” Bring on the kool-aid. This is un-holy. Show me where it is.

Amalek was Israel’s enemy. They tried disguising themselves as Cannanites. They ended up being totally destroyed. The Amaleks were very evil, worshiped false gods. You may want to change your name?

Talk about a ponzi scheme
No property has yet been acquired
What’s it going to cost you?
But they can buy property in Concow, CA
After the Camp Fire 2 years ago, you can get lots cheap
Power just got put back in
2 creeks run through into nearby Lake Concow

You were okay with trump’s $1.9 trillion tax scam for the wealthiest 3%? You’re either a special kind of stupid or one of the 3% evil corporate CEO

You only want “no government” because you don’t want to be held accountable for your acts of terrorism.

Funny how our world is in shit because humans think they know best. Realize you all are tools, myself included. Also remember, you would still be tools if it was up to all your bullshit comments.
Maybe free isn’t an option for everyone. Some of you wont change and we dont have to deal with you anymore, like soon.

No mercy when we ban you from paradise with your negative attitude. All was a lie, nothing you owe is really yours. No land belongs to anybody but ONE.

This sounds like a christian commune. What could be wrong with that? I’m sorry for all the nasty comments that you are receiving. They are too disrespectful to live there anyway.

Are children allowed? Where would you live while others share a room? If I pay $200, how is that free? What will you do with the money paid to you? How can you offer this withiut a location? When do you pay?
I hope to get clarification, thanks

You said enjoy wallowing in hell..bruh…i get a stipend from the military every month…god malled me and i survived…so now im not a sheep anymore Im more like a werewolf…you know before i joined the military as a kid i was set to go to gilead farms for the jehovahs witnesses its basically the same thing your trying to do but these guys are global and they are everywhere…in everything …i grew up jehovahs witness the guy whom I often went door to door with every saturday john carter was an ex green grandpa percy also jehovahs witness purple heart recipient retired army so were the other elders of my congregation damn near all of them where retired vets…go to bethel in new york city its basically the same thing just way bigger and you can stay as long as you like for free…at least until you want to have kids…they do have a few stipulations though but hey its free…smh…you just have to work on the farms making food for the factory or in new york making the magazines for the average wage of not a goddamn thing but hey you be in a family enviroment…because all people really want is friendship anyways…you really should read a watchtower or awake magazine it could be very illuminating until you look for the author and all it says is the society…but hey they consider me an apostate and they disfellowshiped me…but I never knew shangri la until they did aint life is funny like that…p.s. Disfellowshiped is shunned by your family and friends they cant even talk to you…thats not hell…hell is hotel california religion…to which I will simply say as the ever so eloquent Bishop Bullwinkle sang “hell naw to dah naw naw naw hell to dah naw”👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sorry yo hear about that Orin. A very good friend of mine runs a site called it is a group of amazing compassionate people who assist individuals who have suffered spiritual abuse or physical or psychological abuse from members of their place of worship. Many of the founding members are former Jehovahs Witnesses. They are non judgemental and very warm people.

Sorry to hijack a comment but, these rules, no such thing as addiction or mental illness, may use government services but must oppose them politically, legal guns and drugs, you mock Q but talk of demonic democrats, do you have a single mom jumbled or hypocritical thought? Face it America isn’t just for old, christian, white, eurocentric pompous fakes anymore. Stop being afraid to represent everyone. Love everyone, judge less, empathize, and understand that taking a different road in life is okay, it doesn’t affect you at all, get a gay friend and listen to some open minded discussions, you’ll be much more Godly and a much easier person to be around.

It is wrong and nasty to be gay. Go get yourself a straight Christian end!!! The world is coming to an end when “its ok to be gay”,when its ok to put an old pedophile and a prostitute in control of this country,when its ok to kill unborn children and use their stem cells to make the rich look pretty. A man’s dick does not go in a man’s ass! Those who are ok with this need to be put to death. Women who play like a man to be with another woman sexually need to have their heads cut off. All of this is vile!!! There is no gray,but only black and white;right and wrong. God bless


Lol … def not .. weird teachings, yes but def not gay. ( not into the whole anti life/ anti reproduction thing )

Clinton, sounds like you’re having trouble coming out of the closet. It’s tough, but someday you will love and accept yourself.

yeah , deff sounds like he has the hots for him.. I’m sure Jesus is flattered

Right on .So we’ll said…This humans of this world are so evil n out of control They don’t get it..But time will tell and time is up.. God bless you 💯 All🙏🕊️🙏

You won’t bring people to Christ by force. You also won’t bring them to Christ if your actions conflict with the teachings of Christ, such as being judgmental and hypocritical.

It says the $200 is a stipend so they give it to you. Don’t you know the meaning of the word stipend?

People’s comments these days blow me away. Quit being so angry, bitter, and hateful. Why can’t we return to a kinder time. It doesn’t matter what this guy is up to. It doesn’t affect you, so let it be. Jesus does exist and we will be judged. Just pray for those who are without salvation. It comes down to your free will, accept Jesus or end up in Hell. It’s up you. I will pray for all you unbelievers or misguided souls.

Is this organization even in existince?
No town, no State, no clue to location.
Concow CA went through a big fire 2 years ago that wiped out most of it
Lots can be purchased under 26K
Lake Concow nearby
Check with Table Mountain Realty in Oroville CA

A stipend is something given too you , if i go back too college the military pays all expenses and gives me a 900 a month stipend..

Amalek, I wish you luck.
As I analyze I see what is happening. Like a car mechanic, the workings are clear to me. The United States, “We the people, by the people, for the welfare of the People” is in fact a socialist ideal.
You say you are not promoting it, but you are, and I agree with it, because what you are doing is loaded with socialist ideals.
If you have a bias, to be a leader you Must be able to recognize it. I see that you cannot.
If you go through with this, the chances of control over leadership are about 94%.
The ideal does work. In order to not suffer in life and learn to live right Buddhists have communes like this. Before they are extinguished (the definition of Nirvana) but the problem is that in America there is so much freedom that mind control is easy. Perhaps your intentions are good. Who is to say that someone will not underhandedly join for that control to deceive those that join to turn on you?

I have had this conversation with many of my studies. Always the same answers. Humans want drama. Look above, you see it. Best to find people you know and not search the internet. But that is the limit of my emotional investment in this, good luck, I pray on your intentions to be good.

AMEN. With Jesus Christ is eternal life. This Amalek person is lost in the sins and evils of this world. We follow God’s Commandments—and we read the Bible. I pray no one gets fooled by this evil false prophet amalek who works for the evil one. Disguising himself as an angel of light very poorly. Amalek- you are lost. You will go to hell as sure as the sun shines if you don’t stop this foolishness and REPENT your sins and ask for FORGIVENESS from Jesus Christ our Lord. I urge you to do this for the sake of your soul, because the fires in hell do not go out. They never stop. Please do not continue to lead anyone astray you are lost enough. I urge you to seek repentance from Jesus Christ who died for you. In order for you to have the chance to go to heaven. If you continue to lead people astray you’re only damning yourself. The Bible speaks harshly about false prophets. Consider yourself warned and please read the Bible

Lol … def not gay .. weird teachings, yes but def not gay. ( not into the whole anti life/ anti reproduction thing)
Just Trust me on this 😉

1. Who was Jesus gay with ? 2. The 200. Would I have to pay taxes on it because it would be considered an income. 3. Who is providing the stipend ? 4. Why would you use something from the Government but openly berate it “Medicaid” 5. The only Paradise is yet to be because Jesus went to prepare a place , but failed to mention anything about money . So could you elaborate on that . BTW I have have all I need want for nothing because my God Jesus Christ is my provider. I awaiting your response.

I want to stay in your paradise but I’d like to stay around naked…. I do fart a lot if I don’t eat organic and I require some hoes every now and then. Where do I sign?

Wasn’t there some guy in South America had the same idea and gave everybody a bunch of grape juice?

Aaand now we see the problem here. Trump lost, and we’re all the better for it. Stop hiding behind Christianity and “my ways best” bullshit, if this is your thing, fine, but mine is mine and you don’t have a word of say in it. Don’t listen to this culty bullshit, if you feel like your not fulfilled get help, God won’t make you a better person, just trick you into thinking your better than everyone else. Go Biden, kick ass and get that legal weed, Hail Satan and to this doomsday cult, skip right to the fun part and forget the play acting like saints.

You are absolutely correct. Fucktard amalek also”…enjoys being double-fisted and long walks on the beach”.
From his Grindr account.

I have a serious question the royal family Windsor family their hopologroup is R1b-U1 they claim descendant of Heremon but they dont have hopologroup R-L226 by hebrew civilization R-L226 is the royal Hebrew bloodline from Heremon the rightful heir. My dna is R-L226 I am a Casey my family is a pedigree to Heremon and Tamara Tephi descendant of Davidic line. Scientifically proven, evidence and proof, history documents proof that R-L226 is the Royal Bloodline. Wouldnt that be annulment to the Windsor family and annulify everything like common Wealth and Constitutional if facts are true I have devine right to be king and have the power to reinstate Absolute monarchy because it was common Wealth that abolished Absolute monarchy. Which placed their monarchy above Absolute monarchy and no earthly Authority can abolish Absolute monarchy for which it is under God and is authorized by God. Common Wealth is unauthorized by God especially if they are not the true royal bloodline. I am aware of this I am awoke to this and very surprised that nobody came across this. Sorry to burst the bubble but like it say the rightful heir God will give him the Authority. Why would it state “rightful heir” which means that the Windsor is not rightful heir

IAM here sent to you and your people as a true warning From God! You stop what you’re doing now. I know of the tribes in the Bible and you are using the names of of the Amalek Meaning The name “Amalek” can refer to the nation’s founder, a grandson of Esau; his descendants, the Amalekites; or Enemy of the Jews. Stop this now or feel The one true God wrath. Evil doers! HEED THIS ADVICE!!!

Whats the purpose in this? What’s the agenda here by having all these people come to where it is your offering?

You do realize what you are establishing is essentially a collective community, right? And that collectivization was a fundamental component of Soviet policy, right? And your goal is to fight socialism. Yeah. Brilliant idea 🤣

Wow! Laughable. You’re in the wrong business, try stand up- is REALLY up your rally.
Pfftttt!!! I bet my ass you’re single.🤣🤣🤣

Trump supporters never claimed him as savior but our God appointed him to help our Nation from going under. Democrats are being controlled by evil spirits, you’re so blinded you don’t even recognize it. They are killing babies, weren’t you a baby once in your mother’s womb, what if all mothers wanted an abortion, what do you think this world would be like. God made us we belong to him, the Ten Commandments says do not murder. Pull your Bible out and read, get a real education in life.

God help you. In the book of Isaiah it says God hates seven things. One is the shedding of innocent blood. What could be more innocent than an unborn child. Trump may have an aggressive personality but he was anti abortion and anti gay. God destroyed a city for that sin. The Democrats/Biden are selling out to China and terrorist and destroying the little people in the U.S.. Idk if we’re in the end days but I don’t think living in a commune will fix anything.

You seem triggered af when people cal you out for being a fraud and confused. You truly are creating a cult and it’s scary that you’ll most likely find idiots like you to bite on this dumb shit. Your not ready for your own paradise you pos. Guarantee you like fat cock and will only pick men.

“Not their savior after all” more like Oops all backwards oppressive militant narcissist

And before it’s said, yes I’m obsessed with this site, I have a interest in cults and this is looking to be the shittiest most half baked one yet, stay tuned yall

Quit the passive aggressive nonsense. Just tell ppl it’s a scam and you are going to abuse them….I guarantee ppl will still come, and you don’t have to keep living a lie.

mmm…i was reading some comments and came across yours…and you said there is no rapture….but there will be a rapture…have you read revulations in the bible….or have you watched the left behind series…when people just all of a sudden dissapear and go up in the heavens to meet up with jesus … thats called the rapture…..those are the lucky ones who will not have to face all the plagues that the ones left behind will have to suffer…inclueding mandatory marking of the beast……the resurrection to be judged will come after the rapture…after revulations…it comes when you will be judged…and either saved for heaven or tossed in the lake of fire with that evil devil…and i must say….we all best know who we would reather be worshipping….

We are the creators of Paradise. When we decide to love, we will love with our hugs and words, not separate by discrimination and antiquated laws.

You know me. But I hope to God you’re not using this name to deceive. Anyone. For there will be no mercy this time around. When God comes back its vengeance and nothing but! Just me to g you know.

Yep everyone knows God has WiFi up there and comments on your shit, seriously you need help, before you have to rationalize why everything you say keeps being ridiculed. Maybe if you say something, and everyone looks at you crazy, takes a second to process, and still doesn’t understand, maybe YOUR the problem

You’re retarded. It says one will be taken and one won’t. Left behind is fiction. No one truly understands what will happen

Please don’t refer to the rapture by using a TV show. Nobody will take it serious and it is very serious because the Bible although not using the actual word rapture, does infact insinuate a rapture. 2nd Thessolonians 4:17 if im not mistaken. Use that verse instead of TV show that way people have something Biblical to check it against.

I have ptsd and high anxiety and have medical marijuana as my number one medication would I be allowed to take and smoke my medication there? And are there dispensaries near and a dr?

This is giving me bad vibes all over! A shared room with people I don’t know? No thank you.

I hope that man in charge of this does not think that he was anointed by Hod and is trying to recruit young women that he can prey upon and brainwash for his own sexual desires. Actually heard of these cults community’s giving the leader unlimited access and power over the naive families.

There is only one Jesus Christ.

You are welcome to choose your roommate. This opportunity is only for people who are willing to accept Jesus’ love and God’s laws. Sounds like you’re not ready. You are welcome to continue toiling.

This shit my reminds me of that Simpsons cult episode in which they worshipped and we’re brainwashed by a loser who scammed them. Not so far from the reality but with a much more fascist touch. Anyway fuck your cult you fucking cunts!

Speaking of Jesus’s love and God’s laws, since they were referenced, if you are going by the Bible, Jesus was put here, due to the fact it was impossible for anyone to completely follow all of Gods laws. Thus Jesus died for our sins, so that whomever believed upon him might have eternal life, and his main commandment to follow is simple, love God with all your heart and soul and strength, and to love one another, and of course follow the 10 commandments, but thereafter, God’s laws were no longer.

Nope. We must still obey God’s laws. The difference now is that we have to decide what they are. America has made tremendous progress with that. See the Issues page for more details.

I dream of joining a cult much like yours. But I need to know, will this be a sex slave cult or are you only exploiting us for free labour? Bonus points if it’s focusing mostly on butt stuff.

First of all, Paradise will be forever and not for a year of time you are offering people.

Secondly, there is no rapture – there is a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous to be judged.

3rd, God’s Kingdom rules from heaven – not some house pretending to be paradise and acting as though you are the Kingdom of God is blasphemous.

Good Luck 🍀 explaining your point or points to the Sovereign Lord.

We are already in the promised land. If you’re not, it’s because you’re in hell. Nevertheless, you are welcome to join us for a year if you repent. And who knows, it could be a lot longer if you don’t make a mess of things.

Of course we are in the promised land – earth is meant for humans to live on for eternity – problem is we are not living in paradise until Gods Kingdom comes and your Kingdom is not Gods Kingdom that’s the big difference.

Wow so we bring in God by our actions. We prepare the world for His return? Here I was thinking it was Christ alone and Him crucified.

Yup. Christ died so that we could live and prepare for his return. Or do you want to just quibble all day? Remember what Jesus said about careless words.

mmm…i was reading some comments and came across yours…and you said there is no rapture….but there will be a rapture…have you read revulations in the bible….or have you watched the left behind series…when people just all of a sudden dissapear and go up in the heavens to meet up with jesus … thats called the rapture…..those are the lucky ones who will not have to face all the plagues that the ones left behind will have to suffer…inclueding mandatory marking of the beast……

I am Christian but never will recommend these kind of “paradise” first of all is not free, second they do not only teach you about religion but you must agree to do and follow also politics that they promote. That is wrong religion and politics do not mix. Jesus do not endorse any politician. This is a cult not a community.

Jesus was a capitalist – e.g. the parable of the vineyard workers:

‘I am not being unfair to you, friend. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius? Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous? So the last will be first, and the first last.’ – Matthew 20:16

You can’t separate religion and politics.

A little discernment seems necessary here, no good deed goes unpunished? Men can be devious and easily offended. But, capitalism has a bottom line…I would give Jesus an unsatisfactory report for capitalism; Overpaying, tipping, being generous, not concerned about money, does not make you a good capitalist. IMO.

I’m a Christian. I also do not discriminate. I respect people of all nations, most religions, all sizes, all colors, all sexual orientation. You can do whatever you want however, this online thing you are doing and descrimination is not Christian. God is there for all of us. I was lucky enough to see Heaven, when I was 11 in a vision. I saw my dead brother and aunt and how lovely Heaven is. They have colors that don’t even exist here. Our vision is very acute. I volunteer my time for those who need the most help. I don’t care what shame, color or religion they have. Spend your time helping the homeless, sick and needy. Don’t waste your money on this horrible cult like venture. It doesn’t serve God. It serves your self righteous ideals.

You are either delusional or completely nuts. You did not have a vision if anything a dream. You did not see your brother and how would you know colors that dont exist on earth. Jesus was a man a con man at that an idiot smarter that the average dumb ass. Religion is a cancer and causes most of the world’s horrors and tragedies. Get some medication bitch.

How will you know who is christian?word says dont invite those not receiving the gospel in home.We minister to them but liveing with groups that will be mixed brings all kinds of people around you and family.Better be groups who know christian with them and then some may not be committed to Gods ways.In time of mark of beast some churches may have to do to help each other but will be christian cause they will not be able to buy or sale.Cant pay house payments or buy food.These christian groups will have to be careful to screen people cause time to be safe from those takeing mark .They can longer receive salvation.Those who dont take mark can only witness to those without mark .This time not here yet .God created man and one woman and family .They were to leave parents and be one family,not a shared group .If in group should be each family set apart unless just visit and income should not be shared with other families unless offerings for needy and should be free will not required.Required money or faith for overhead or offering.If God said do,money will pay overhead . Lip

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